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Mainframe Modernization

An investment in mainframe modernization reduces barriers to innovation and agility by adding new mainframe capabilities, transforming legacy code and data to run anywhere, and developing modern cross-platform applications — helping to fund and propel future transformation.

Maximize your mainframe’s value while you move toward the cloud.

Deposit a check? Pay a parking ticket? File an insurance claim? Major finance, insurance and government organizations still rely on mainframe for its processing might, throughput and security. According to Deloitte, 74% of organizations believe the mainframe offers long-term viability as a strategic platform.

Ensono believes that you should treat your mainframe as an equal partner in your hybrid ecosystem, integrating mainframe into your broader hybrid cloud strategies to realize its full potential. The mainframe is rapidly evolving to meet today’s ever-changing technology and business environments. Ensono’s mainframe modernization solutions can make your complex hybrid cloud systems work together seamlessly. We use the full spectrum of technology solutions to make your business goals a reality — and leverage partnerships with an innovative approach to make your mainframe modernization initiatives successful:

“Our team rejects the conventional wisdom that IBM Z should be left in the corner, managed and used separately from their cloud counterparts. It embraces the forward looking people who want to use IBM Z as the powerful cloud system it is. We present a special award, called the Challenge Coin, to individuals pioneering the way to a new future that demonstrates the melding of modern tooling with the existing power and capability of the platform. Ensono earned this award as an MSP that embraces bringing different technological disciplines together forging new ways to manage IBM Z.”

Frank J. De Gilio
CTO for Mainframe DeClunkification, IBM Systems Group

Don’t overlook the power and potential of your mainframe in your journey to the cloud. 

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Add new mainframe capabilities that capitalize on cloud flexibility

Mainframe modernization utilizes modern platform capabilities in conjunction with modern application code and data constructs to fully capitalize on the benefits of the mainframe. For example, to reduce long-term capital costs and lower TCO, you can introduce bi-directional API connectivity that enables seamless communication between mainframe and non-mainframe apps. Modernization results in fit-for-purpose capabilities and integrates the mainframe with other platforms in a hybrid IT estate. A recent IDC study1 revealed that organizations that modernize their mainframe achieve better performance and agility at a lower cost than those that migrated — resulting in a greater overall increase in revenue. 


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Eliminate tradeoff between performance and cost

Ensono’s flexible, transparent mainframe capacity pricing options give you the best of both worlds. Keep the mainframe processing might and security your mission-critical applications demand, and pay only for the resources you use with cloud-like consumption pricing. Burst capacity instantly and on demand as business needs change. And, Ensono Flex® is built into all contracts, allowing you to shift workloads across platforms with no financial penalty.

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Reduce risk, avoid disruption

Eighty percent of IT modernization efforts fall short of savings targets due to failure to address unnecessary complexity2. A siloed mainframe creates avoidable disruption, risk and lack of agility. Mainframe modernization is a lower cost, lower risk alternative to migration that breaks down silos and reduces barriers to innovation, while Mainframe-as-a-Service (MFaaS) gives you the processing might and speed of your traditional mainframe, without the expensive overhead and maintenance headaches. Ensono breaks the modernization journey down into several value paths that help you create intentionally built, business-driven infrastructure. These value paths kickstart digital transformation without big organizational changes. Not to mention, each step funds and propels the next stage of the IT modernization process.

Client success with mainframe modernization

Explore client success with Ensono’s mainframe modernization services.

Explore mainframe modernization services

Give your mission-critical applications and workloads a modern makeover.