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Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM)

You own it. We manage it. You reduce risk. We help you improve performance.

A RIM solution provides flexibility and expert management

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) offers a low-risk transition to managed data center and infrastructure hosting. Ensono’s RIM solution lets your organization maintain control of your mainframe and data center, while our expert support staff manages and monitors your systems 24/7, reducing downtime and speeding resolution of incidents.

RIM mainframe and midrange services allow you to retain ownership of the hardware and software while leveraging our expertise and deep partnerships. Ensono’s utility-based pricing aligns business demands with costs.

  • CheckmarkHardware remains in your facility
  • CheckmarkYou retain ownership
  • CheckmarkEnsono manages and supports your infrastructure

Reduce costs, speed transition

Lower your expenses immediately by moving to an Opex management model. RIM can be implemented quickly, relieving your organization of the burden of day-to-day management.

Reallocate resources

Reduce headcount needed to support your infrastructure and data centers; Ensono can rebadge existing IT staff.

Increase support

Ensono’s expert staff provides technical and application depth and supporting z/OS, CICS, MQ, DB2, IMS, IDMS and most third-party software products. You’ll benefit from our extensive partnership with IBM and HP.

Reduce your IT spend and management burden and improve performance with remote infrastructure management

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Skills gap and retiring staff

It’s difficult to fill positions for older and emerging technologies, as many traditional mainframe workers are nearing retirement. Ensono can solve this pressing issue by taking over for retiring staff.

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Disruption and downtime

IT infrastructures can malfunction anytime, and you need to be prepared with a solution that is available 24/7. Ensono’s RIM monitoring provides round the clock support and reduces downtime.

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Rising operational costs

Organizations must reduce their IT spend to stay competitive. The operational costs of managing and maintaining your infrastructure (space, staff, utilities, e.g.) can be mitigated by RIM, thus reducing operational costs.

Client success with Ensono’s remote infrastructure management

Remote infrastructure management offers 24/7 end-to-end services and support