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Discover how Ensono helped a world-renowned hospital deliver unsurpassed care

What we achieved together


savings annually

The client

Our client is a global hospital and medical research facility whose mission critical IT applications—patient registration, admission, scheduling, billing and payroll—are run on its Mainframe.

The obstacles faced

When a staffing shortage for this essential business platform jeopardized the seamless delivery of key patient services, the hospital turned to an outside expert to manage this crucial component of its infrastructure.

The journey

Due to the short timeframe for moving operations, the medical center opted for a remote management solution. The client-Ensono team fully transitioned operations in just 60 days. With Ensono managing the Mainframe environment, the hospital has been able to allocate IT staff to a number of other key initiatives.

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The outcomes achieved

Ensono has enabled the hospital to:

  • Continue delivering uninterrupted patient services including registration and admission, scheduling and billing
  • Optimize the Mainframe environment, enabling it to add applications,
    including payroll for one-third of the hospital’s 64,000 employees that had been on a different HR system
  • Save $300,000 annually in software costs
  • Expand capacity, making room for a 15 percent increase in transactions with no hike in costs
  • Increase its levels of security

“Ensono makes us feel like we’re their only client.”

IT Director

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