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Intelligent Data Platforms

Make better business decisions, more confidently, with Ensono’s data platform-as-a-service.

Get more out of a modern data management platform

Organizations have a lot of data. And the more they have, the higher risk of them outgrowing their data infrastructure. When you do, the problems can snowball. Outdated data platforms can place strains on collection and analysis capabilities.

This results in reduced trust in the integrity and value of the data across the organization, due to a combination of inaccessible, siloed and missing information. When data isn’t reliable, the feedback loop between hypothesis and insight is slower and more opaque. As a result, people trust that data less, and are less likely to use it.

Disconnected platforms, without a central data repository, are siloed, ungoverned, unvalidated, and can potentially duplicate information. When that happens, it’s incredibly difficult to maintain a cohesive and reliable view of all of that information, and even harder to make informed decisions based on it. It robs decision makers of the ability to identify and focus on initiatives that will result in the best business outcomes.

The solution is to invest in a proper, fit-for-future data management architecture that gives you the capacity and flexibility your company needs to collect, store, analyze, and respond to the sum total of your data. Ensono’s data platform services can help you do just that.

Modern tech meets expert data platform services

Ensono marries the benefits of strong data expertise and unmatched technical capabilities to provide data platform services. Together, our consulting and data platform engineering services are designed to transform and integrate existing and new data platforms to help create data-driven organizations. 

That starts by creating the right plans and tools to ingest and curate data from all of the company’s data sources, including microservices, SaaS systems, IoT, and LoB systems.

From there, we transform that unstructured digital content into searchable data through the use of artificial intelligence or machine learning.

The result is more actionable data, better insights, faster decision-making, and better business outcomes. Here’s how we do it –>

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Ready-for-scale data repositories

Many vendors will tell you that you need to move all of your data to a single platform. But this doesn’t always make sense. There are many reasons to leave data where it is, ranging from cost to efficiency to regulatory and security compliance. But that doesn’t mean that those repositories should be siloed or stagnant.

Ensono’s data platform-as-a-service technology lets you stitch together data repositories from many different vendors, and access and analyze that information from a central location. This gives companies centralized pools of potentially terabytes of data that can be structured and analyzed using AI or machine learning.

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Data lakes architecture

The pools of data from different sources are called data lakes. This lets you access all of your data from a single source for analysis of historical data, to run effective data science practices, and to model and build business strategies.

Ensono’s data lakes architecture advocates a lakehouse approach, which is the best of both worlds from a single platform—aggregated data marts for visualization and reporting (the warehouse side of it) and fine-grained atomic records for analysis and experimentation using machine learning and artificial intelligence (the lake side of it). This makes the data infinitely accessible, reusable, and actionable.

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Advanced data analytics

Once data is centralized and accessible in data lakes, it’s easier to analyze and more impactful for the organization. This architecture gives organizations a stronger foundation for understanding, modeling, and predicting trends that can drive informed business decisions.

Simulations, modeling, and reports across all data sources can easily be run in real-time. And non-technical users can reliably analyze data and present data using visualization software to help drive strategy.

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