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Digital Acceleration Roadmap: The Future of Business

The digital revolution has changed the way businesses operate, creating opportunities for new or modified processes, services, and business models that improve customer experiences, increase productivity, and drive business growth. Ensono can help you embrace digital transformation strategies to remain competitive and accelerate better business outcomes.

The Future of Business is Digital: Invest in Transformation and Get Better Business Outcomes

The demand for digital transformation is evident in the rise of technology investments. According to Gartner, worldwide IT spend reach nearly $4.4 trillion last year. This trend is expected to continue as businesses seek to remain competitive and capitalize on the opportunities that digital transformation offers.

Digital transformation strategies can range from fundamental changes to an organization’s business model to the adoption of new technologies. Companies often start with small, incremental changes such as moving to the cloud or using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to automate processes. More ambitious transformations involve rethinking processes and approaches, adopting new technologies, and creating new customer experiences.

A Roadmap to Unlocking Your Digital Transformation Success

The key to successful digital transformation is having a clear strategy in place. What we deliver is:

Discovery and technology workshops to give you the opportunity to bring more definition to the digital strategy.

Realistic strategic transformation plans aligned with your business strategy, with a firm foundation in the technically achievable, fully costed and planned.

Well-articulated business cases for roadmap deliverables, with targets and the means to track against them.

Visualization of goals and outcomes to support your leadership in gaining board and investor buy-in.

Define your digital transformation and you’re already halfway to achieving it

Fill the knowledge gap

Organizations who know that they need to revolutionize their business to survive – and know that they need technology to do this – often need expert help to define this part of their strategy.

Underpin the concept

Businesses who have a business model that requires funding but still needs a detailed strategy to support and visualize the outcomes.

Design the solution

Organizations with a business strategy, and a well-articulated direction for the technology, who are unable to define the end-goal for the architecture or the interim states to get there.

Release the plan

Organizations with a clear business strategy who feel paralyzed in how to achieve their objectives and need an experienced delivery team to outline a roadmap.

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