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How to increase efficiency and reliability for mission-critical technology with mainframe automation

Best practices

Despite decades of use, mainframe computers remain critical data center assets. ISG’s 2021 Provider Lens Report shows that 92 of the world’s top 100 banks, 23 of the top 25 U.S. retailers, and nine of the world’s 10 largest insurance companies run IBM z mainframes.

But as mainframe infrastructure ages, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage, optimize and transform. Additionally, organizations face a mainframe talent gap that limits their ability to update operations and applications. The result? Businesses lack the standardized, efficient mainframe processes they need to modernize.

Enter mainframe automation. A Mainframe- as-a-Service provider can implement automated management and monitoring to relieve mainframe complexities, while empowering you to modernize infrastructure. By enabling access to mainframe automation, the right service provider accelerates modernization and locks down reliability across heritage assets.

As you select a managed service provider, identify a partner capable of implementing mainframe automation technology and staying on the leading edge of mainframe innovation. 

Relieve the burden of daily management

Businesses continue to invest in mainframe infrastructure, but complex management and increasing costs can slow down the deployment of future-focused initiatives. Mainframe specialists are retiring at a rapid pace, creating a finite talent pool. Over 70% of business leaders say their mainframe team is understaffed and lacks the resources they need to modernize.

In addition, CapEx expenses associated with self-managed mainframes are high. Aging infrastructure forces ongoing investment in new software and hardware. Mainframe experts alleviate resource drains by automating the lifecycle management of your infrastructure. With automated security, compliance and recovery tasks, service experts mitigate skills gaps with proven expertise. 

Managed service providers also create opportunities for mainframe cost savings. By using AI to monitor your mainframe for inefficiencies, a mainframe service provider can help eliminate unnecessary costs.

Select an expert partner to automate mainframe operation

When you work with a partner that enables access to automated technology, you can proactively manage mainframe security, governance and more — while gaining the insights you need to transform environments. Ensono invests in automation technology as it becomes available for your mainframe, allowing you to leverage your mainframe as an efficient, reliable asset.

Our mainframe automation investment and expertise hasn’t gone unrecognized. IBM’s Rebel Alliance awarded Ensono with the Challenge Coin for outstanding innovation that benefits the global Z community. We received the award for our work using Ansible and Python to automate a variety of operational tasks on the Z platform.

Backed by our mainframe automation expertise, we can optimize your environment for business needs, reduce management costs and modernize heritage applications with:

  • Standardized management: Ensure reliable execution of daily management with Ensono’s Automated Alerting and System. By baking in industry best practices, our mainframe automated management mitigates errors across your environments. As a result, you not only get peace of mind, but you also gain the extra time you need to pursue innovation. 
  • Ensono Envision®: Tap into insights across your technology estate with Ensono’s proprietary all-in-one platform. The Ensono Envision® portal includes AI operations, which find performance patterns across your mainframe environments so you can quickly identify problem areas and opportunities for transformation.
  • Lifecycle automation: Patch and upgrade environmental components and security IDs automatically to ensure recurring tasks are completed correctly. 

As the only managed service provider to receive the Challenge Coin for our automation innovation, Ensono is uniquely positioned to keep you on the cutting edge of mainframe technology.

Drive mainframe automation and optimization with Ensono’s automation expertise

Your mainframe infrastructure can serve as the foundation for business growth. To transform heritage assets at the pace of digitization, you need a managed service provider that keeps up with management requirements, while providing opportunities for your business to benefit from emerging technology. 

Ensono stays on the cutting edge of new technology, using mainframe automation to transform mission-critical technology into a catalyst for growth and innovation. By automating repeatable processes and using AI operations to gain performance insights across your infrastructure, we ensure your mainframe operations are cost optimized and aligned with your business goals.

Our mainframe service experts also take on daily management with advisory and consulting services, monitoring and disaster recovery. We know every client is at a different stage of transformation, so we offer remote management, remote hosting or fully managed hosting options.

Ready to see what your mainframe can do? Contact Ensono to start driving innovation across your infrastructure.

Continuous innovation starts here.