We deliver managed IT services to optimize and modernize mainframes, infrastructure, and cloud for clients like these:

City & Guilds Group
Trustmark Companies

What We Do

Our broad range of capabilities helps you accelerate your digital transformation while keeping your business performing.

Extend value of your investment by reducing costs and managing risks of talent scarcity.
Reduce barriers to innovation by adding new mainframe capabilities, helping to fund and propel future transformation.
Optimize costs and minimize risks on your legacy infrastructure.
Integrate private or public cloud into your IT estate with an environment tailored for your success.
Gather deep insights on your infrastructure, applications and inter-dependencies, to design a tailored roadmap for your goals.
Optimize and modernize applications to reduce costs while meeting business needs.
Leverage deep insights into your infrastructure to make short and long-term decisions for optimization.

The Ensono Difference

We meet you wherever you are in your IT journey, and take you where you need to go.

Bridging the old and new.

With nearly 50 years of experience, we optimize and modernize your IT infrastructure by amplifying the power of your mainframes and mid-range servers with the agility of cloud.

Walking the talk on innovation.

We don’t throw around buzzwords — our associates identify and implement 5 areas of risk and 5 areas of improvement each month, for continuous innovation.

Integrating governance to build your trust.

Our award-winning, intelligent management platform is embedded into our services — meaning you get the governance you need with the peace of mind of a true partnership.

The Ensono Essence

We are a hybrid IT services provider that sees a world in transformation and because we’re enabling the IT infrastructure and software for that transformation, we understand the world of business has become more complex, layered and interdependent. Our clients are some of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the world and we've helped keep their world open, on, spinning and connected.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

We’re a proven choice.

Let’s chat about what’s in store for your digital transformation.

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Let’s dream big and build bigger. It’s our passion and purpose that separates us from the rest. Whether we’re biking around the globe or celebrating a holiday at home, our people are what makes Ensono more than just another company.