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Endpoint Threat Management

Endpoints are your first line of exposure, and prioritizing their security is critical. Protect your endpoints with a complete solution that monitors and detects indicators of compromise.

Comprehensive endpoint threat management across environments

Protect your endpoints with complete visibility across your entire environment. Ensono’s endpoint security provides advanced tools and a dedicated team of experts that monitor — and block — endpoint threats coming to your network.

  • CheckmarkFully managed by a dedicated central team
  • CheckmarkAdvanced monitoring and threat management for endpoints
  • CheckmarkFull disk encryption that protects endpoint data at rest and in transit

Dedicated team

Our team of dedicated experts is your best ally to protect your environment, including your endpoints. Get robust coverage with the peace of mind of a fully managed service.

Top-tier expertise tools

Our integrated approach leverages tools and expertise to give you a secure environment. Our team of experts works with your company from initial assessment to continuous protection.

Continuous coverage

Your endpoints are protected from attacks and vulnerabilities by advanced tools that monitor and inspect incoming files, and files at rest for known viruses and threats. The software looks for malicious files and blocks threat attempts on the spot.

Your environment starts with your endpoints. Ensono protects them.

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Endpoints are exposed to vulnerabilities on a daily basis

Attackers exploit vulnerabilities and uncover endpoint security threats, including ones you haven’t discovered yet (zero-day vulnerabilities). Network protection must extend to servers and endpoints, including laptops and other mobile devices.

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Multiple distributed solutions

Organizations typically use separate solutions for endpoint protection, antivirus and anti-malware. Teams need to manage an array of security solutions to ensure the whole environment is covered. Ensono offers a complete, fully managed package that protects against endpoint security threats.

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Poor patching and updates management

Many organizations don’t have the resources or the staff to implement regular scanning, patching and updating. Ensono’s dedicated team ensures virus definitions are updated daily — and there is continuous monitoring and blocking of malicious agents.

Continuous coverage of vulnerabilities and threats

Integrate advanced threat protection with security expertise for constant monitoring, identification and response in a comprehensive package.

Protect against zero-day vulnerabilities

The combination of real-time monitoring and constant updating protects your system from zero-day vulnerabilities, preventing attackers from exploiting them.

Tailor to your needs

Our unique approach starts with a complete assessment, working with you to plan and define the best scanning and reporting strategy for your organization’s needs — including all your endpoints so there are no security gaps.

Get endpoints covered, all the time

Our team of security experts deploys the latest antivirus and endpoint protection tools, simultaneously updating and hardening your systems for a better security posture. Our team schedules regular patching days, working with your organization to control changes safely.

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Endpoint threat management resources

View our endpoint threat management resources to find the insights and information you need to secure your business-critical assets.

Get a team of experts dedicated to your endpoint security