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Firewall Management + Protection (WAF) for Applications

Real-time Web Application Firewall protection that detects, alerts and blocks attacks in progress.

Full web application security for known and unknown attacks

Protect your applications 24/7 with a complete, fully managed service against DDoS and web application attacks (SQL injections CSRF, brute force attacks, etc). With Ensono, your assets are constantly monitored to ensure the highest service availability.

  • CheckmarkComplete defense against application vulnerabilities
  • CheckmarkUnique zero-day attack protection
  • CheckmarkHighest resilience and lowest false positives

Fully managed

Decades of expertise enables us to offer a bespoke security consulting service. Your virtual CSO and our team of experts combine top-of-the-line packaged offerings with a tailored approach to improve your security.

Top-grade protection

Get the fullest coverage against application attacks with our Positive Security Model. We cover all OWASP Top-10 vulnerabilities, and take on unknown vulnerabilities. Stay prepared with an auto threat analysis system that covers over 150 attack vectors.

Continuous optimization

Your applications are protected against the latest threat trends. Ensono’s managed firewall continuously adapts security policies to prevent new threats.

A managed firewall that stops application threats in their tracks

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Multiple components in web applications increase exposure

Your web applications may contain internal and external components, including third-party web servers. They need to integrate different parameters, authentication themes, integrate custom and open-source code, and contain numerous pages and folders. On top of that, most organizations integrate legacy operating systems and software. Attackers may target and exploit vulnerabilities in any of these components.

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Risk of unknown or undetected vulnerabilities

Your web application may have a known vulnerability detected in testing — not to mention, completely unknown vulnerabilities that bad actors can take advantage of. Ensono WAF protection identifies new and emerging trends to grant web application security against known and unknown vulnerabilities, effectively blocking zero-day attacks. Ensono offers protection against Layer 7 DDoS attacks.

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WAF management requires specialized skills and tools

Most advanced application security threats mimic real user behavior, making them extremely difficult to identify without specialized skills and tools. Additionally, manual web application monitoring can be time consuming and disturb regular traffic. For organizations that don’t specialize in this technology, firewall management can be complex, requiring time and resources in already stretched security teams. Ensono WAF management services provide fully managed 24/7 monitoring that simplifies application protection.

Continuous and complete coverage of application vulnerabilities

Our WAF managed services provide full coverage of 150 different attack vectors including all OWASP Top-10 threats. Avoid alert fatigue with continuously adaptive automatic policies.

Enjoy the peace of mind of a fully managed application security service

Keep applications secure 24/7 with Ensono managed WAF. Our security experts maintain the web application firewall through application onboarding, policy configuration, ongoing updates and emergency response. A dedicated security expert will conduct monthly security reports, and our ERT hotline is always available for emergencies.

Unique features for comprehensive coverage

Our unique features provide a range of the best coverage in the industry. From zero-day attack protection to IP-agnostic bot protection, we’ve got you covered. 

Our service also implements response and mitigation for ongoing threats including post-attack alerts, recommendations, forensics and reporting.

The lowest false positives in the market

We have non-existent false positives. Yes, our auto-optimization of out-of-the-box rules enables us to boast close to zero false positives. Your security team can avoid alert fatigue — when an alert comes, it is a real one. 

There’s no need to worry about downtime with Ensono’s over 99.999% service availability.

Client success with Ensono’s firewall management

Firewall management resources

View our firewall management resources to find the insights and information you need to secure your enterprise.

Protect your web applications from known and unknown vulnerabilities with the best security coverage