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Modern, Cloud-Connected Mainframe

Maximize the value of your mainframe
data with Ensono’s connected mainframe approach.

Combine cloud flexibility with the resilience of the modern mainframe

While mainframes hold more than 70% of corporate data, the rise of cloud computing AI/ML has made some IT leaders question the mainframe’s role. Each enterprise may have a different vision for determining the future of its mainframe.

For some organizations, the mainframe is critical and here to stay but needs to modernize and connect to the cloud to reach its full potential. Other enterprises want to move away from a focus on their mainframe and migrate workloads to the cloud completely. And still others may be looking for a combination of both paths. Regardless of your vision, the Modern, Cloud-Connected Mainframe delivers a path to digital acceleration and better outcomes.

  • CheckmarkCreate new digital customer experiences
  • CheckmarkTransform data into intelligent action
  • CheckmarkRetain customers and attract new ones
  • CheckmarkMaximize operational efficiency
  • CheckmarkReduce time to market
  • CheckmarkRemove barriers to cloud adoption

Ensono’s Modern, Cloud-Connected Mainframe

Unlock Innovation with The Modern, Cloud-Connected Mainframe: A Comprehensive Approach by Ensono.

Accelerate digital outcomes with a Modern, Cloud-Connected Mainframe Approach

By combining the capabilities of the Modern Mainframe with integration to the cloud, you accelerate outcomes for your enterprise like:

  • Easy cloud application access to mainframe data with modern API interfaces
  • The ability to identify and assess latency risk of mainframe-dependent system
  • Mainframe dev/test in the cloud — capacity and cost only when you need it
  • Mainframe data integration to the cloud and automated conversion to cloud native format
  • Lowered data gravity which accelerates dependent systems migration to cloud
  • Cloud-adjacent data center available with low-latency of 2-3 ms to ensure performance between mainframe and cloud workloads
  • Remove complexity and simplify with mainframe data virtualization
  • Application and data conversion to modern languages and databases where appropriate

And if you’re looking to dive deeper into enhancing your mainframe or moving towards the cloud, check out our Mainframe Modernization and Mainframe to Cloud Migration pages for more detailed insights and solutions.

Why Ensono?

Capability and commitment

Ensono offers expertise at scale in both mainframe and cloud-native environments. With decades of experience in the mainframe and proven cloud services, we’re committed to modernization in your mainframe and the cloud. We have the rare skills needed for success; mainframers who know the cloud, and cloud experts who understand the mainframe. And we’re 1 out of 6 providers in the world with the AWS mainframe modernization competency.


We focus on your most critical priorities, business case and outcomes with a technology-agnostic approach, independent of vendors and point solutions.

Commercial innovation

Leveraging mainframe and cloud cost savings, we can generate financial benefits for you to reinvest in modernization and accelerate ROI.

Ensono Flex®

Our commercial model, Ensono Flex®, provides our clients flexibility to migrate workloads across platforms without penalty. We’re the only provider out of thousands to offer contractual flexibility.

Cloud proximity hosting

If your business has opted for mainframe modernization
or a hybrid approach, our experts can help you move your
mainframe closer to your cloud platform of choice

Mitigate latency

Reduce data transfer lag and ensure application
responsiveness by moving your mainframe closer
to your cloud environment.

Reduce cloud egress costs

Minimize data transfer costs through smart networking
solutions between your mainframe and cloud environment.

Learn about our clients’ success with our Modern, Cloud-Connected Mainframe approach

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Make better happen with the Modern, Cloud-Connected Mainframe