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Supporting Future Growth for a Multi-National Retailer’s Warehouse Systems

What we achieved together


cost savings

The Client

A multi-national retailer of clothing, footwear and home products.​

The Obstacles Faced

Ensono has worked alongside this retailer since 2019 to evolve their digital strategy for e-commerce and warehouse systems. The client’s warehouse team was manually packing more than 300,000 orders a day. As eCommerce boomed, there was more pressure on warehouse operatives to fulfil orders and provide a reliable service to their customers. The client realized their current warehouse systems were becoming a constraint to their ambitious growth plans.

The Journey

It was critical for Ensono to work with the client’s evolving mainframe to continue business as usual throughout the project. To achieve this, Ensono worked with the client’s warehouse systems teams to define a strategy outlining critical digital initiatives required to modernize the warehouse network, including measurable and actionable success metrics for each. This gave key stakeholders a clear rationale for investment to modernize the warehouse to ensure less downtime, better productivity and leaner workloads.​

The hybrid approach, between the existing mainframe and micro services, has turned a simple fulfillment system into one with endless opportunities with the introduction of the Hexagon platform. This platform includes a collection of interfaces with the mainframe and third-party automation kit providers, common security and operational capabilities and microservices that implement the business processes. ​​

The client now has a roadmap to a data analytics platform that will support warehouse operations forecast seasonal trends, proactively prepare the warehouse for peaks and learn from delivery insights.​

“Ensono has been instrumental in modernizing our warehouse systems. Introducing microservices has unlocked a roadmap to robotics that will supercharge our warehouse efficiency and provide an even better service to our customers. This new architecture has given us access to invaluable data insights that will help us learn, iterate, and capitalize on emerging opportunities.”​

The Outcomes Achieved

  • 70% cost savings through reusable infrastructure automation and configurable software architecture. ​
  • Defined ways of working throughout delivery to prevent siloes and encourage collaboration within the organization.​
  • Intuitive templates in Azure PaaS that can easily be reconfigured with parameters to standardize the development. This promoted commonality, reusability across teams and ensured simple, robust and flexible architecture.​


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