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Transform your financial operations with Ensono’s bespoke IT solutions, designed to drive innovation, enhance efficiency, and foster growth in the rapidly evolving financial sector. Ensono supports financial institutions throughout their cloud journey, ensuring a smooth and strategic transition.

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Driving digital transformation in finance with advanced IT solutions for a digital-first world.

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Embrace digital transformation for a competitive edge

The finance sector faces rapid changes driven by fintech innovation, increased regulatory demands, and growing customer expectations. Ensono supports financial institutions in navigating these changes with robust digital transformation strategies focused on cloud migration and mainframe modernization. Our solutions ensure your institution remains agile, secure, and innovative.

Ensono helps financial institutions assess and optimize their on-premises and cloud environments to enhance agility and security.

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Reimagine legacy systems with seamless mainframe-to-cloud solutions

Modernizing core operations is critical as financial institutions balance innovation with risk management. This involves reengineering and migrating mainframe applications to cloud platforms. Mainframe migration offers benefits such as improved agility and scalability by transitioning to cloud systems. Ensono’s mainframe-to-cloud migration uses specialized tools to ensure a smooth transition, minimizing disruptions while maximizing the agility and flexibility of your IT infrastructure.

Specialized cloud migration tools are available to aid in the process, ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing disruptions.

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Optimize financial services with hybrid cloud solutions

As 86% of businesses shift towards hybrid and multi-cloud solutions, mastering these technologies is essential for financial institutions. Ensono’s hybrid cloud management integrates on-premises infrastructure with cloud capabilities as part of a comprehensive cloud migration strategy. Ensono offers solutions and tools to migrate workloads to cloud environments, emphasizing the benefits and success stories.

Adopting cloud-native architectures can provide significant benefits for financial services, including improved scalability, flexibility, and faster time-to-market.

Bridge reliability and innovation with a Modern, Cloud-Connected Mainframe

Mainframe workloads require high reliability and serviceability when migrated to cloud platforms, ensuring seamless operation and performance. Ensono’s Modern, Cloud-Connected Mainframe approach merges the reliability of traditional mainframes with the flexibility of cloud services. This approach enhances operational efficiency and customer service, ensuring high serviceability and reliability as mainframe workloads transition to cloud platforms.

Ensono collaborates with leading cloud providers to ensure high serviceability and reliability as mainframe workloads transition to cloud platforms, boosting operational efficiency and customer service.

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Advanced hybrid cloud security and compliance for financial services

Tackle unique security challenges in the financial sector with Ensono’s comprehensive cloud security services, including the migration of applications across data centers and clouds. Including modern disaster recovery strategies, our services provide proactive risk assessments, continuous monitoring, and compliance management to safeguard your data across all platforms, ensuring enhanced security, resilience, and compliance.

Running enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications on cloud platforms enhances security and compliance, providing increased resilience, reduced downtime, and improved data visibility.

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