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Threat Detection + Response

Ensono provides holistic mainframe visibility and operational real-time detection, so you can spot threats before they become problems.

Secure your mainframe with multi-platform visibility

Integrating mainframe security messaging with your enterprise logging solution ensures complete visibility across platforms and real-time threat detection.

Ensono mainframe threat detection forwards mainframe security messages to the enterprise logging solution in real time, enabling advanced security at the mainframe level.

  • CheckmarkProvide holistic security visibility and compliance
  • CheckmarkOptimize security processes through automation
  • CheckmarkOptional real-time threat detection of mainframe security events.

Unified, multi-platform view

The lack of visibility into mainframe usage can leave the door open to attackers. Ensono threat detection and response provides holistic visibility across platforms, allowing you to track internal or external access to the mainframe.

Hybrid environments benefit from our machine-learning-powered cloud security solutions.

Stronger security processes through automation

Ensono threat detection and response eliminates time-consuming, error-prone manual security review processes by leveraging automation. We help security teams save time by automatically detecting low-level threats.

Real-time alerts

Respond quickly to threats with real-time monitoring and alerts at the mainframe level. Our proprietary mainframe security messaging system connects and sends real-time alerts to your SIEM. This provides optional incident correlation to evolving threats across the enterprise.

For hybrid and cloud, we offer AWS aligned managed threat detection and response to protect your data and services.

Get ahead of threats and ensure compliance from mainframe to cloud with holistic visibility and real-time alerts

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Inadequate security integration

Mainframe security messaging that doesn’t connect with the enterprise security logging can cause gaps that attackers can exploit. This lack of integration delays your ability to detect mainframe-level incidents in real time. Ensono’s threat detection and response system forward security messaging to the logging program in real-time so teams can act quickly.

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Compliance gaps

Heavily regulated industries, like finance, use mainframes to record transactional and PII. Monitoring and tracking the access to the mainframe is a key requirement for regulatory standards like GDPR, PCI-DSS, FISMA, GLB and ISO 27001 — failing to do so may create costly compliance gaps. Simplify the audit process by enabling real-time alerts and audit trails.

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Operational gaps

Conducting mainframe security processes manually is time consuming, prone to human errors and may overwhelm security teams. Leveraging automation provides you with consistent and accurate security processes. Mainframe security officers are then free to handle high-level mainframe maintenance.

Deliver mainframe security messaging to the log platform in real time

Connect with your enterprise logging security program for complete protection of your mainframe. Forward mainframe RACF, ACF2, 3164-compliant and top-secret messaging in real time. Premium tier forwards Db2 and IMS events. Enable holistic, multi-platform visibility of the entire security environment.

Monitors, tracks, and audits access, and usage from mainframe to cloud

See who is accessing your mainframe, and when. Ensono threat detection and response forwards alerts related to all types of activity surrounding the mainframe. The premium tier offers real-time Db2 monitoring and additional auditing.

Our managed cloud threat detection and response completes hybrid environment protection with continuous monitoring, incident escalation, analysis and remediation support.

Support compliance monitoring and auditing

Provide real-time alerting and auditing on production systems including z/OS while helping clients meet auditing requirements for key regulations like GDPR, PCI-DSS, IRS 1075, etc). Our cloud threat detection and response services provide cloud-based log management to support auditing processes.

Optimize security processes to eliminate human error

Automated security processes save security teams from time-consuming manual security reviews. We detect and alerts on known security threats automatically, freeing mainframe security teams for higher-level tasks.

Client success with Ensono’s threat detection + response services

Threat detection + response resources

View our threat detection resources to find the insights and information you need to secure your assets.

Get real-time, end-to-end security — from mainframe to cloud