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Innovation Lab

Uncover your highest-value AI use cases, validate their feasibility, and build a working prototype in as little as two weeks.

Kickstart your AI adoption with a working POC

Greater AI adoption is on the agenda for many organizations but understanding the true potential impact can be difficult.

The Innovation Lab will help you to quickly identify how AI can drive better business outcomes for your organization.

  • CheckmarkUncover the highest value AI use cases in your organization
  • CheckmarkReview your AI readiness holistically
  • CheckmarkBuild a working prototype is as little as two weeks

A Five-step Engagement

  • Ideation: Explore areas of your business where AI would make the biggest impact and nominate use cases.
  • Business Value Mapping: Examine the business value of nominated use cases, validating their feasibility and prioritizing them by potential impact.
  • Exploration & Analysis: Visualize and validate data to decide which AI business solutions will be the most viable and impactful.
  • Technology & Data Review: Review your current technology and data landscape to determine dependencies, feasibility and scalability of use cases.
  • Proof of Concept (PoC): Build a working PoC by modelling data, training the ML model, integrating Gen AI, and visualizing the results to confirm the feasibility for production.

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