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ISG Research Recognizes Ensono As a Market Leader in Mainframe Services and Solutions

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Hurdles to digital transformation have never been higher. Aging infrastructure and new technologies threaten to consume enterprise IT teams focused on lifting legacy assets and increasing agility. And amid an unrelenting pressure to transform, leaders look to Ensono as the gold standard for mainframe modernization initiatives. 

In its 2021 ISG Provider LensTM Mainframe Services and Solutions U.S. Report, ISG examined five areas of the mainframe services and solutions market: modernization, transformation, MFaaS, operations and mainframe modernization software. As a result, ISG recognized Ensono as a mainframe market leader because of our ability to: 

  • Support integrated hybrid cloud solutions, allowing for a migration path that protects current assets without losing sight of an ideal future state

  • Provide best practices and innovative learnings from IBM, Azure and AWS partnerships 

  • Scale to infrastructure needs with an array of services and flexible pricing options

As you future-state your network, Ensono’s mainframe modernization experts assess, optimize and upgrade your mainframe without disrupting your IT environment. Discover more about our mainframe expertise. 



“Ensono is a mainframe services specialist prepared to guide enterprises through their modernization journey toward hybrid cloud and data analytics.” – ISG Provider Lens





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