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How Mainframe Cloud Modernization and Migration Transform Business

Best practices

Enterprises need mainframes that evolve with their business needs. And the benefits of modernizing mainframes go beyond mere adaptation. Modernization breaks barriers to innovation by unlocking mainframe potential with newfound functionality and flexibility. Modernized mainframes function as high-performing, on-premise infrastructure that connect seamlessly to your hybrid ecosystem.

Seventy-four percent of businesses believe the mainframe offers long-term benefits as a strategic platform. But if you’re planning on including the mainframe in your hybrid cloud strategy, a modernized mainframe can help mitigate future application modernization complexities. With Ensono, our years of digital transformation experience can simplify your transition to an efficient, leading-edge hybrid IT environment.

Why legacy infrastructure alone isn’t enough

Legacy systems are some of the organization’s most secure technologies, but without modernization they lack the flexibility and agility required in today’s IT landscape. Additionally, non-modernized mainframes typically need more maintenance time, which leads to higher costs.

Your legacy system should serve as the foundation for new, agile mainframe cloud capabilities, transforming legacy code and data to run in any environment and developing innovative cross-platform applications. These capabilities facilitate transformation and business growth, delivering money, time, and peace of mind to your organization.

What a modernized mainframe means for your organization

Maximizing the value of your mainframe is the first step in transforming your business. By investing in modernization now, you can achieve several key benefits:

  • Reduced costs: Modernizing applications and data reduces maintenance, hardware and software costs, maximizing overall return. With a modernized mainframe, you can lower your total cost of operations with seamless communication between mainframe and non-mainframe apps. This maintains mainframe functionality with increased versatility and efficiency.
  • Increased performance: Ensuring optimal mainframe application performance requires prioritizing and distributing workloads appropriately. A modernized mainframe benefits from a continuous focus on assigning the right workload to the right places – for example, offloading data transformation to specialized mainframe engines or to the cloud. Expect performance improvements with a flexible IT foundation that keeps up with business operations.
  • Reduced risk: New risks emerge as organizations embrace new technologies. Achieve security maturity and implement a zero-trust approach across environments with secure storage, identity management, data encryption and threat protection. Modernizing access to key mainframe data and applications keeps them secure and reduces vulnerabilities while providing the agility needed for digital transformation.

Tips for migration or modernization

Ensure your business is set up for long-lasting success. Investing in updating your organization’s IT environment reduces barriers to innovation, improves agility, and adds new capabilities. Here are three tips for keeping up with the competition:

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Devise a transformation strategy.

Successful modernization efforts or cloud migrations must align with business objectives. Start with an in-depth assessment and planning phase to ensure strategic alignment. Understanding your current environment and business challenges is necessary for objectively planning all aspects of migration or modernization. This process isn’t one-size-fits-all— a clear strategy helps define measurable goals, laying the foundation for transformation.

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Reduce complexity.

As you migrate to the cloud, the technical relationships between data, applications, platforms, networks and endpoints can be confusing. Refactoring and replatforming, in particular, can easily perplex inexperienced IT professionals. Avoid the stress of cloud migration with strategic planning, engineer support, DevOps and consultancy assistance.

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Work with a trusted third-party partner.

Ensono’s cloud migration services help you realize your full potential through cloud transformation. We employ a detailed discovery process, giving us an in-depth view of cloud environments, and we construct cloud migration solutions around specific needs and goals. Our Cloud Transform Framework guarantees the successful migration of applications and workloads without uptime or legacy application interference.

How ExperSolve’s expanded advisory and consulting services enhance Ensono’s offerings

Ensono’s mainframe expertise has expanded with our acquisition of ExperSolve, a legacy modernization and migration company with more than 20 years of experience helping clients migrate application code and data to newer technologies. ExperSolve adds additional advisory and consulting capabilities to our current offerings, advancing our hybrid services arsenal.

ExperSolve can modernize apps on the mainframe or migrate them to a cloud platform, simplifying modernization for enterprises across industries. As a result, clients can now transform existing systems instead of starting from square one, giving them added flexibility and saving both time and money.

Why Ensono?

Ensono maximizes the unique capabilities of your mainframe and IBM i systems by managing complex cloud migration and modernization projects for clients across industries and platforms. With 50 years of mainframe expertise, Ensono mainframe application migration is based on project complexity, offering value and adaptability. We also provide a self-service portal, support from dedicated engineers, and environment/project management documentation.

Learn more about our new partnership with ExperSolve.

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