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New Team, Capabilities Come With Acquisition of ExperSolve

Larry Goldberg

Larry Goldberg
Senior Vice President, Global Advisory & Consulting Services

Chad Mead

Chad Mead
Vice President, Global Mainframe & Security Consulting

Today, I’m excited to announce that the Ensono family is growing. We’ve just acquired ExperSolve, a mainframe modernization and migration company based in New York. We will be bringing on board their tools, methodologies—and most importantly—their expert leadership and staff. The team has an impeccable reputation and shares our client-centric values. 

This growth is especially exciting, and essential, as one in four organizations have been forced to begin digital transformation projects due to the pandemic, and remote work becoming the standard. It will allow Ensono to take mainframe modernization capabilities to the next level, benefiting our clients.  

What does it all mean? 

Adding advisory and consulting capabilities to our existing toolbox, this partnership strengthens our deep commitment to hybrid services. Specifically, ExperSolve focuses on legacy optimization and modernizing applications, skills many businesses find in short supply. Their team can rewrite COBOL, IMS, and other legacy code languages to modern languages like DB2 and C#. 

By doing so, they can either modernize these apps on the mainframe or migrate them to a cloud platform. This technology and capability can make cloud migration much easier for companies of all sizes. Currently, there are over 220 billion lines of COBOL are in use—80% of the world’s actively used code.  

For Ensono clients, this means no longer having to start from scratch when looking to modernize. Instead, they can transform existing systems, saving time and money. 

What’s changing? 

Ensono will be welcoming a team of 14 ExperSolve experts. For some clients, business will continue as usual. But when we see an opportunity to improve your business’ long-term digital preparedness, we’ll offer an in-house app modernization assessment to utilize these new capabilities. We’ll be able to offer more comprehensive services when you need them—and do it faster. 

Ensono has grown since its inception to offer a world-class, hybrid services platform. The ExperSolve acquisition enhances our portfolio of industry-leading managed services, from mainframe and mid-range to the private and public cloud. ExperSolve brings the ability to help our clients modernize their mainframe in an easy, streamlined way.  

Mainframe modernization drives digital transformation 

ExperSolve’s acquisition delivers a logical extension to our capabilities, allowing us to help our clients with the digital transformation lifecycle. ExperThink™, ExperSolve’s proprietary migration tool, enables us to do legacy conversions in a highly automated manner, with quality code. That means converting legacy mainframes code to modern code automatically.   

Many organizations that run legacy mainframes struggle with the digital transformation process. Migrating older code is, at best, challenging and sometimes almost impossible without rewriting. As such, the rewriting process could take months and a lot of effort. 

With our acquisition of ExperSolve, we can address these issues, providing a smoother transition. This technology also enables moving the mainframe to a more modern platform, requiring less mainframe hardware, and reducing risk.  

This change goes beyond modernizing the mainframe. It will deliver a transformational partnership to our customers.  

What features does ExperSolve bring?  

As mentioned above, ExperThink™ is a proprietary, automated IT tool that is at the heart of converting legacy code to quality modern code with reliability and repeatability. This tool is built on ExperSolve’s 30 years of experience helping clients migrate workloads to new technologies and platforms.  

The proprietary process from discovery, code migration, testing, and production is unparalleled in the industry, enabling it to run the migrated code in production. It takes the entire end-to-end life cycle integration from the design of the solution to implementation. It involves client specification, automated software renovation, and data conversion. ExperThink™ also delivers intelligent testing and bridging. In summary, it’s an end-to-end solution for assisted migration.  

The system works by taking original source elements and renovating them, delivering translated source elements, and creating an application knowledge repository.  

The use cases range from financial services to healthcare payers, insurance, retail, manufacturing, and more. Some of the companies that benefited from this technology include giants like Geico, Chrysler, and Procter & Gamble, and public sectors offices like the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and New York City (DOF).  

For instance, a recent case study of a major television network involved migrating COBOL, CICS, DB2, and VSAM files and over 1500 reports to .NET and a SQL Server. The results exceeded expectations. The online response times decreased to under a second and the batch processing times were reduced by 40%, increasing the capacity and allowing for future expansion.  

Better migration reduces risk 

Companies using legacy mainframe systems sometimes face the problem of not having staff that can support these outdated systems. This can be a problem when business-critical applications fail and there is no one to address the problem. Transforming this legacy infrastructure reduces this risk and adds functionality to improve the user experience.  

What’s not changing? 

Through this exciting new venture, our commitment to our clients is unwavering. The innovative, customized service you’ve come to expect will be unchanged. Your current engagements with us will continue, and we’ll continue partnering with our longtime, esteemed vendors and collaborators. Even your Ensono contacts will remain the same.  

We at Ensono focus on bridging the gap between legacy and modern infrastructure. For us, it’s of the utmost importance to have large transformational conversations at the CIO level. We strive to deliver solid transformational capabilities to our clients. This tool enables us to go beyond modernizing mainframes to support organizations as true transformational players.  

We’re looking forward to our continued work modernizing your hybrid services and setting your businesses up for long-term success. We hope you’re as excited as we are about this development. If you have any questions, or if this news sparked any ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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