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Unleash your data to create new value

Unleash Your Data to Create New Value

Wherever you are in your transformation journey, a modernization value path adds new capabilities, innovates and drives agility, and improves outcomes.  Pursue a value path in any combination, based on your needs and targeted outcomes. Each step on a path funds and propels the next step and future transformation. 

Now: Hybrid Data Connectivity

  • Access enterprise data wherever it resides without moving it
  • Minimize unnecessary data movement
  • Set up the foundation for real-time insights by connecting mainframe and non-mainframe assets

What you get? Less data movement. API connectivity to data. Real-time access to data.


Next: Analytics Performance

  • Optimize query process reduces time between insight and decision
  • Make analytics queries perform at a level to meet your business needs
  • Provide the infrastructure required to enhance performance of analytics processing

What you get? Speed up availability to insights.  Cost optimization. 


Then: Analytics Tools on Z

  • Give data scientists and developers access to Z data with new tools to derive insights that drive decision-making in real time
  •  Enhance modernization efforts to use data within applications with the power of cloud native functions

What you get? Greater flexibility and agility.

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