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Identity + Access Management

Stay on top of your user identities by applying industry-leading practices. Control the lifecycle of human and non-human user identities through legacy platforms.

Reduce risk and optimize identity management processes.

Ensono Identity and Access Management (IAM) helps organizations strengthen their security posture through expertise and optimization of user identities.

Our experts take your identity management to the next level. We start with an in-depth assessment of the state of identity management in your organization. We then optimize the IAM processes, attending security requests and providing your organization with holistic visibility over potential identity, access risks and performance.

  • CheckmarkGet industry leader expertise in identity and access management for legacy infrastructures.
  • CheckmarkAchieve security maturity and meet compliance on identity and access management issues.
  • CheckmarkLeverage automation and reporting to optimize identities processes, saving time and effort.

Full optimization of identity processes

We simplify and streamline identities administration, helping with cleanup processes without impacting your operations. Additionally, we optimize the state of secure identity and access management, reducing risks and enabling seamless integration.

Create greater value

By making your identity management more efficient, your team is free to perform higher-value functions. And, you can achieve a better response time for provisioning, managing and detecting issues with user profiles and identities.

Increase protection against internal threats

Gain an accurate understanding of security risks associated with your identity and access management. We bring the expertise to provide security in legacy infrastructures even when undergoing digital transformation.

We bring the expertise to provide security in legacy infrastructures, even when undergoing digital transformation.

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Lack of effectiveness in managing identities is a serious security risk

Most data breaches involve the use of legitimate credentials, and many organizations lack the resources and security expertise to manage identities effectively through their lifecycle. Unused profiles provide the perfect opportunity for an internal or external threat to conduct an attack. Organizations need to track, provision, change and terminate identities, preventing unused privileges from being exploited. Ensono’s identity management service optimizes the IAM cycle, effectively applying security protocols to reduce risks.

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Poor accountability and reporting create compliance issues

Organizations struggle to keep up with constant changes in identity and access permissions. This causes issues meeting compliance regulations that require accurate reporting over unused profiles, identity risks and changes. Ensono provides visibility into the effectiveness of IAM processes.

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Identity management for legacy platforms can be challenging

Organizations maintaining legacy platforms sometimes have lingering, unused profiles and permissions for users who have left the organization. Many organizations don’t eliminate these accounts for fear of disrupting operations. Effective identity management can ensure operations and processes keep working while security risks are reduced.

Get in-depth insights into the security risks of your identity and access management.

Get the visibility you need over your current identity and access management status. Ensono identity and access management provides in-depth assessments that enable your organization to discover potential risks in the management of user profiles and permissions.

Meet compliance requirements with efficient identity management.

Mitigate risks by ensuring proper reporting and auditing support for identity and access management processes. Highly regulated industries require tracking and reporting every change in user profiles and identities. Ensono provides support for auditing with identities cleanup and accurate reporting of potential unused accounts.

Leverage fully managed identity and access management.

Identity management is constantly changing. Ensono’s full identity and access management services address the dynamic nature of managing human and non-human identities across platforms, and environments through the entire cycle of the identity — from its creation to removal.

Industry-leading expertise in identity and access management

Ensono leverages automation and experts to successfully optimize and manage identity changes, as well as potential risks in permissions. This enables your organization to strengthen its overall security posture and optimize processes. Minimize the risks caused by poorly managed user profiles and permissions without affecting operations.

Client success with Ensono’s identity and access management services

Minimize credential risks with industry-leading identity management expertise.