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Identity + Access Management

Understand your customers better, and provide frictionless employee experiences.

Safe and secure identity and access management

Understanding who your customers are, and how they interact with your platforms, is critical to providing exceptional experiences. And the same can be said for your employees. With identity and access management tools, companies can safely and reliably collect, analyze, and action customer and employee profile and interaction data to provide seamless and tailored experiences.

Identity and access management (idAM) is a combination of systems, policies, and processes that create, define, and govern the collection and use of identity information across an organization. It’s used to manage digital identities, authenticate users, and authorize access to resources. Because of that, idAM has wide-reaching impacts on both customers and employees.

Ensono: expert identity and access management solutions 

The experts at Ensono design, build, and implement identity and access management solutions that manage identity data, as well as controlling access to your systems. This includes creating single sign on (SSO) solutions across your employee and customer touchpoints- integrating with social login and internal applications. We leverage the full benefit and scale of cloud-based applications to optimize the management of identity information, building a firm foundation for your business to grow from. 

Ensono’s idAM solutions are vendor-agnostic, with no long-term agreements or contractual obligations, giving you the choice over which idAM applications to use, and how long to use them.

Better scale and security for your identity and access management

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Simplify and boost data quality

Strip out complexity in your identity and access management tools. Replace legacy idAM platforms with a bridge between on-premises and cloud-management data.

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Create seamless user journeys

Develop a single, holistic view of your customers, employees, and other users. Use that data to facilitate single sign-on journeys across applications for your team. And ensure customers receive a seamless and uniform experience across all of your public-facing platforms.

Create rich and meaningful customer profiles that enable you to offer targeted and relevant content and sales offers. Improve your overall customer experience, acquisition, and retention results with identity and access management.

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Manage access and secure your documents

Segregate identities on job title, clearance level, or any other factor that drives resources they are authorized to see. Leverage identity governance for permanent staff, third parties, and contractors to ensure everyone consistently has the right level of access.

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Scale at your own pace

Utilize cloud-based identity and access management solutions to create new pathways, gadgets, and connections with your current digital environments and data storages. Modify or limit your idAM requirements as necessary, without the danger of being tied to one supplier or dealing with conflicting systems.

Client success with Ensono’s identity and access management services

Identity and access management resources

View identity and access management insights and information.

Minimize credential risks with industry-leading identity management expertise