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Cloud Enablement Services

Flexible cloud enablement services, backed by unrivaled expertise.

Flexible, data-informed cloud enablement solutions

Moving to the cloud can unlock significant savings and operational efficiencies for companies. But, the cloud is not a one-size fits all solution. Companies need to understand what the cloud can offer, and what the commitment will be to get there. They also have to decide if they want to move their entire IT estate, or only parts of it.

Cloud Activate, an element of the Cloud Transform framework by Ensono helps to answer these questions. It’s a tailored cloud enablement solution for clients that know they need to move to the public cloud, but are unsure of where to start or how to get there. 

We offer a flexible and lean approach that matches your company’s pace and needs to help augment and transition your legacy systems, while maintaining business continuity. This process can be applied to simple, single application migrations, or for complex IT estates. We take a vendor and application-agnostic approach that helps us identify the right solutions for you, helping to avoid lock in wherever possible.

The cloud migration process is unique for each company. Ensono can help craft a tailored and flexible solution to help you get there.

Crafting your cloud enablement strategy

The process pivots to your needs and desired outcomes. It starts with an audit of your IT ecosystem, an analysis of your application data, and conversations to understand your goals and needs. This is backed by a business case and roadmap for delivering stepped migration stages.

Those stages can involve optimized designs for cloud environments, activation and automated deployment of landing zones, security, application migration, and workflow migration. Execution and ongoing optimization follows.

Envisioning workshop

Our team conducts an assessment of your business drivers, cloud knowledge, and technical capacity. The focus is on your business goals, and developing a clear understanding of what you are trying to do and why.

Cloud readiness assessment

Next, we assess your IT landscape to identify applications that can be quickly moved to the cloud to optimize cost and efficiency. We also identify applications that will require a more complex migration process to help inform next steps.

Application groupings

Once applications are assessed, we group them based on input. Applications are selected and prioritized based how quickly they can be moved to the cloud, and how mission critical they are for the company.

Cloud design

The team at Ensono will then design and document the target cloud operating environment, accounting for all technical, security, data, and application requirements outlined in the discovery phase.

Automated deployment

First, we run a pilot workload into the new environment and test performance. If all looks good, we initiate automated deployments to the target environment. Each migration is followed by a test of functionality and performance.

Deciding next steps

Once the initial cloud transfer is complete, the client confirms that the results are good and applications are operating as expected. From there, the company can decide if they want to migrate more applications or establish the next step in their cloud journey.

Client success with cloud enablement services

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