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Mainframe Application Development

Expert-driven and platform-agnostic mainframe application development 

Take a modern approach to mainframe development

While the cloud gets most of the attention in IT, mainframes remain a critical business and revenue asset for many organizations. The problem is that mainframes are often legacy platforms that house siloed data. Because of that, mainframe application development can be a significant challenge for modern organizations.

There are restrictions to what can and can’t be developed on a mainframe. Automation, for example, often requires proprietary and often costly technology. And data is often siloed to in the mainframe, making innovation and cross-platform communication a challenge.

But the answer is not always to move to the cloud. In many cases, it makes more sense to find ways to innovate on the mainframe, connect it with cloud-applications, and develop modern capabilities within the mainframe environment.

This is where a modern, platform-agnostic approach to mainframe application development can pay dividends. Modern application development involves engineers writing and deploying new features and automations using open languages like Python or Java that can be deployed onto both cloud and mainframe platforms. Businesses get the benefits of modern cloud applications and automated processes, but can deploy them securely on the mainframe.

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Mainframe application development using Python

Ensono offers a mainframe application development tool called the Python Development Toolkit to help clients leverage modern optimization solutions to improve efficiency, accuracy, and security across critical business processes.

Benefits include:

  • Bringing automation to legacy mainframe processes with a lightweight, open solution
  • Enabling mainframe data to be consumed through the hybrid cloud environment
  • Creating opportunity to bring in a modern IT talent pool for you mainframe, proficient in Python

The Toolkit uses Python and IBM Open Automation Utilities for Z (z/OAU) to unlock cutting edge development capabilities previously unavailable on z/OS. Python is a powerful language that enables developers to rapidly build applications that leverage an existing rich cross-platform ecosystem. When paired with z/OAU, Python-based applications provide powerful automation capabilities not usually in a mainframe environment.

“Ensono continues to improve and expand their portfolio and introduce innovative and flexible solutions that help clients continue on their transformation journey.”

Jan Erik Aase, Partner & Global Head 
ISG Provider Lens™ at ISG

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