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Hosted Services Provider

Accelerate your cloud or hybrid transformation journey with the leading hosted services provider.

Hosting services for legacy, cloud, or hybrid tech stacks

Legacy, cloud, or hybrid. That’s an IT choice that most major companies must make at some point. The path isn’t always clear. And the risks are significant.

Companies need a clear path forward. And they need a hosted services provider who can help them get there, while providing the performance, security, and agility they need.

Companies are facing tech challenges from numerous angles.

  • CheckmarkCost increases in the form of software licenses and legacy infrastructure.
  • CheckmarkStaffing and skills gaps that cause risks to platform stability.
  • CheckmarkGrowing fatigue with operational inefficiencies.
  • CheckmarkAnd all the above leading to a lack of choice and flexibility in the platforms they use, and where and how they’re hosted.

Ensono: unlock greater flexibility from your hosted services provider

True flexibility comes from being able to choose the platform and ecosystem that works best for your company, while also guaranteeing optimal performance, agility, and security.

Whether you need to stabilize or migrate a legacy system like IBM I or AS/400, or accelerate your cloud or hybrid transformation project, the team at Ensono can help.

We offer consulting, technological, and infrastructure services and act as your dedicated hosted services provider, regardless of platform or network setup.

Ensono offers a range of management, hosting, and deployment options. All of which are designed to ensure maximize performance, agility, and security from your IT ecosystem while driving up to a 43% improvement in ROI*. 

Our hosting services


Tailored storage plans that let you select carrying performance options and align OpEx costs with actual demand.


Personal network operations support and access to the Ensono Private Cloud self-service portal to help you drive innovation and efficiencies.


Offload the burden of maintaining, validating, and troubleshooting backups across your cloud, legacy, or hybrid networks.


Optimize legacy platforms, migrate to the cloud, or create a hybrid network. We help create, secure, and maintain a flexible IT ecosystem.

Hosted managed services that drive greater performance, agility, and security

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Optimize network performance

Improving tech performance means different things to different companies. For some, it means modernizing legacy platforms. For others, it means unlocking the potential of the cloud. And for many, it’s a hybrid of the two.

Ensono optimizes network performance, while preserving full flexibility in how, where, and when you deploy your technical infrastructure.

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Stay agile and innovative

Legacy platforms and processes can make cloud transformation slow and costly. And rigid cloud hosting contracts prevent you from hosting across cloud environments or through a hybrid model. This ultimately limits your ability to create a well-rounded technical ecosystem that drives innovation.

Ensono’s hosting services, backed by Ensono Flex®, ensure that your technology and processes remain agile and flexible. Shift to or from the cloud at any time without penalties and with the full backing and support of the team at Ensono.

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Guarantee security across platforms

Security across platforms and applications isn’t one-size fits all. Compliance and monitoring are complex: especially when factoring in legacy platforms. Ensono’s managed hosting takes care of that complexity, helping you advance transformation projects without having to worry about security risks.

Ensono keeps your platforms up-to-date and secure by auditing and identifying risks in your system. Then, we create a tailored managed security service to protect your organization from new threats.

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