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Behavioral Web Application Security

Protect your applications with a proactive security approach. Leverage the power of behavioral intelligence to identify and resolve application vulnerabilities.

Full and comprehensive security for your applications

Applications are the perfect target for attackers. At Ensono, we take a proactive approach to web application security, protecting your applications with layer 7 DDoS protection.

  • CheckmarkBehavior-based web application security
  • Checkmark360° visibility over entire application environment.
  • CheckmarkSecure applications through the entire lifecycle, from development to delivery.

Tailored assessment and strategy

With years of expertise in web application security, we design a security program tailored to your needs. We devise a strategy, define the security controls, onboard the applications and execute the protocol for complete and continuous protection.

Secure application delivery

Ensuring secure application delivery is critical for your development cycle. And if you have any lingering security vulnerabilities, they need to be addressed right away. Ensono provides network-level protection against DDoS and other attacks, so application traffic flows freely and securely.

Application-centric model

We understand the importance of web application security. Ensono helps organizations on their software development journey with fine-tuned services that provide optimal operational security. Our in-depth approach focuses on application security as a whole.

Don’t fly blind on the application side. Get 360° visibility, identification and remediation of vulnerabilities.

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Web app security is the perfect target

Your web applications face internal and external risks. They are subject to human error that causes vulnerabilities for an attacker to exploit. There are also potential risks from the architecture, dependencies, network and more. Web application security requires a comprehensive approach that considers end-to-end protection.

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Protect against bot attacks

Your applications may suffer attacks from network traffic, originating from bots. . How do you know what is caused by a bot, and what is normal behavior? Ensono provides a behavioral baseline to identify anomalies easily and effectively.

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Safeguard environments while changing architectures

Organizations changing to a container architecture require security that is adapted to the new environment. Ensono’s web application security assessment ensures you have all security controls in place during and after the transition.

Protect applications against advanced persistent threats

Our web application security protects against advanced attacks like brute force and DNS API by providing network protection and application firewalling.

Leverage behavioral intelligence for your applications

Our behavior-based application security program ensures you can detect unknown attacks by identifying activity patterns. The applications are assessed while onboarding, creating a behavior baseline.The program’s “prevent” mode identifies anomalies and responds immediately.

Get visibility of the application environment across platforms

Ensono’s web application security program provides complete visibility of the application level, ensuring there are no blind spots. The Ensono program covers all application layers.

Maintain fewest false positives in the market

With Ensono, false positives are virtually nonexistent. Our auto-optimization of out-of-the-box rules enables us to boast close to zero false positives. Your security team can avoid alert fatigue, and rest assured that when an alert comes, it is a real one.

There’s no need to worry about downtime with Ensono’s over 99.999% service availability.

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Web application security resources

View our web application security resources to find the insights and information you need to secure your applications.

Maintain comprehensive application security from development to network