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Ensono Flex Cloud Engineering

Deliver better business outcomes faster with a team of Agile Cloud Experts.

Deliver Better Business Outcomes Faster with a Team of Agile Cloud Experts

As your company continues with the digital transformation to meet the demands of a digital economy, using cloud technologies can accelerate new revenue streams, increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs. However, a shortage of cloud talent can present a persistent barrier to IT initiatives and business objectives.

According to a 2022 survey from 451 Research, 90% of organizations are currently facing cloud -related skills challenges. You need a way to address this deficit of skills, to enable continuous improvement and maturation of your clouds. 

Ensono Flex Cloud Engineering manages the skill gap between your current resources and your complex cloud project backlog. By tapping into Ensono’s cloud engineering experts, we provide access to advanced cloud capabilities to efficiently and quickly help you address your project backlog. We also help drive your team’s ability to use higher levels of automation for repeatability, and self-service capabilities.

By augmenting your IT organization with Ensono Flex Cloud Engineering, your business can deliver on creating differentiation by focusing on core business needs. Our resources can accelerate the implementation of cloud initiatives, taking advantage of new technologies while addressing rapidly changing market needs.

Ensono Flex Cloud Engineering makes your organization more agile and flexible, enter new markets more quickly, and deliver new technologies to help you serve your customers better.

Accelerate your Cloud Journey with Ensono Flex Cloud Engineering

Our team of experts deliver on four core capabilities that are critical in today’s maturing cloud environments.

Agile Management

Agile helps drive discipline and iterative approaches. We shorten the lifecycle of projects and provide continuous solution delivery. This faster approach also better aligns with changing and evolving business requirements.

Cloud Platform Engineering

Leveraging our technical cloud patterns and practices to design and implement a project that results in new or improved cloud capabilities. With codify-everything approach, we want you to reach higher levels of automation maturity, repeatability and self-service capabilities.


Modernizing your teams into more agile and high-performing collaborative teams must include the right capabilities that address elements of company culture, automation and shift-left security, procedural and policy development, performance measurement systems, and organizational structure; beyond CI/CD pipelines alone.


Containerization includes a wide range of activities that software teams need to manage in a container’s lifecycle, including provisioning, deployment, scaling (up and down), networking, load balancing and more.

Flexible Resource Utilization

You have access to a wide range of engineering capabilities but also the ability to flex hours up and back down as your backlog fluctuates, delivering greater levels of project output and faster realizations of business outcomes. With Ensono Flex Cloud Engineering, your organization becomes more capable, agile and flexible, so you can unlock the true value of the cloud.

Example of how you can Flex Up or Flex Down engineering capabilities as your backlog fluctuates:

DevOps Principles Deliver Faster Results

The faster-paced DevOps approach aligns with changing and evolving business requirements. Within each deliverable, we work in sprints to release to production as soon as possible. During each sprint cycle, Ensono works on the product backlog items in a prioritized manner, ensuring value items are delivered first.

Agile certifications:

Agile Alliance – Certified ScrumMaster

Agile Alliance – Advanced Certified ScrumMaster

The Value of Ensono Flex Cloud Engineering

Deliver agility through
continuous automation

Ensono experts driver agility and scale through automation; reducing cost, manual tasks and human error

Increase Developer Productivity and speed to market

We help identify and remove bottlenecks in process to improve velocity, quality and cycle time in development projects

Adapt to evolving business priorities

Access a wide range of engineering capabilities and resources that adapt to the client’s dynamic backlog – flex hours up or down as needed

Accelerate DevSecOps

Clients leapfrog months of trial and error by leveraging global DevSecOps expertise to mature pipelines and processes

Client success with Ensono Flex Cloud Engineering services

Ensono Flex Cloud Engineering resources

View our thought leadership resources to find the insights and information you need to make the most of the public cloud.

Invest in agility with strategic public cloud adoption