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Mainframe Integration Services

Innovate on your existing tech stack with expert mainframe integration services.

Innovative mainframe integration solutions

The mainframe remains a revenue and business critical asset for many organizations. But the truth is that mainframes are also a legacy platform. They become dated over time, causing issues with affordability, upkeep, security and performance. 

As IT systems become dated, innovation is imperative. But innovation doesn’t always mean leaving the mainframe in favor of the cloud. In many cases, integrations and interfaces between the mainframe and cloud provide the perfect middle ground. This allows technical staff to connect cloud-native capabilities to the mainframe, and vice versa. It also allows them to leverage cloud-based automations to perform maintenance tasks that incrementally improve the entire tech stack.

Innovating on the mainframe through integrations and innovation has direct benefits for the company, but also the team members who work on these platforms everyday: application developers, architects, and data scientists. It helps them perform their daily jobs more effectively, and empowers them to drive incremental change and innovation across the entire tech stack and product ecosystem.

Ensono’s managed mainframe integration services

Ensono’s mainframe integration tool of choice is IBM z/OS Connect, which provides the capabilities and infrastructure needed to allow modern cloud applications to access mainframe systems—like CICS, MQ, IMS and DB2—and data using standard REST APIs, instead of proprietary coding methods. 

Our team of mainframe integration experts will provide software installation, configuration, consultative guidance and ongoing support to ensure that your mainframe integrations and interfaces are operating at peak capacity. 

Develop cloud applications using your existing mainframe assets over modern APIs. Cut cost and friction between cloud and legacy platforms, and scale on the platforms that bring the greatest benefit to your organization. 

Get the best of both worlds with modern mainframe integration tools

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Peak consumability

Core business services and data must be easy and intuitive to consume by developers, data scientists, and architects on any platform. That’s not possible when that data is siloed between the mainframe and cloud applications. 

Deploying REST APIs through z/OS Connect provides the ability for applications to unlock mainframe assets, and for applications to access non-mainframe assets. 

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Security at rest and in flight

All integration solutions must be secure, robust, and scalable to protect data. That means securing data not only at the source, but also when it’s in transit between application and mainframe.

REST APIs highly secure, authenticated, and authorized mainframe integration tools that provide secure access to and from mainframe assets.

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Keep costs controlled

Complex tech stacks can overburden teams and put a strain on financial and people resources. Technical teams need solutions that offer substantial time savings.

Easy-to-deploy REST APIs provide that. They’re easy to deploy and stable to maintain. That provides the security and stability that’s needed to reduce the monetary and time costs associated with application development and maintenance.

“Ensono continues to improve and expand their portfolio and introduce innovative and flexible solutions that help clients continue on their transformation journey.” 

Jan Erik Aase, Partner & Global Head 
ISG Provider Lens™ at ISG 

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