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Database Managed Services

Let our certified experts handle your database migrations, configurations, backups, security, and on-going maintenance.

Optimize your databases to meet current and future business needs

Changes to your databases — like migrating to the cloud or getting a massive influx of data — can lead to latency, downtime and security breaches. The more users and technology you add to your IT environment, the harder it is to ensure your databases’ security and performance. And, if your IT team is small, overworked, or lack the in-house cloud database expertise it’s tough to scale and keep pace with business demands.

  • CheckmarkMinimize latency and downtime
  • CheckmarkReduce your costs and increase operational efficiency
  • CheckmarkImprove database security and performance

Ensuring application success

Every minute your database is down puts your business at risk. We monitor your environment 24/7, keep everything up to date, install patches, and review the performance of the database. Our experts make suggestions and implement agreed-upon changes or if we see a problem, we will take immediate action to prevent it from impacting your business. Avoid costly failures and downtime by tapping into our database experts.

Multi-platform support

Our multi-platform support allows you to run your databases that are on premise, hosted in a data center, private cloud, public cloud and hybrid environments. We have expertise migrating, deploying, and managing databases in all of these environments and can deliver a solution that meets your business needs.

Empower your team to innovate

Our team works to proactively manage and support databases, reducing your infrastructure burden and allowing your team to focus their resources on application innovation. This ensures that databases are performing to meet the needs of your business while freeing up time for your team.  

What’s included with your database management services?

  • Software installation and patching 
  • Database administration and maintenance 
  • 24/7 monitoring and support 
  • System database troubleshooting 
  • Performance tuning and optimization
  • Backup and recovery 
  • Support for Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and other databases
  • Access to Ensono’s team of expert architects, engineers and application and system DBAs

Service levels


Ideal for any non-production workloads or any workload that only requires support during business hours.


Provides our highest level of support so this is ideal for all business-critical databases. This level gives you access to Ensono’s team of experts – from legacy platforms to cloud.

Client success with database management

Database management resources

Learn more about what database management services can do for your business.

Unlock the full power of your database with managed services