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Data Center Exit + Consolidation

Control the complexity and cost of your data center exit or consolidation while you reduce risk and enhance insights to deliver a greater return on investment.

Data center transformation requires careful planning and execution

Today, over 50% of data center migrations exceed budget, blow their expected timeline and cause unexpected business disruption.1 Ensono guides you through the intricacies of planning and executing a results-focused data center consolidation, migration, modernization or rapid exit.

Our proven methodology and repeatable, scalable framework enables a faster and more efficient data center transformation to protect and optimize your existing infrastructure and help you achieve migration deadlines or data center contract end dates, eliminate duplication and inefficiency, reduce complexity, technical debt and business risk, accelerate business initiatives, innovate applications with native cloud capabilities, and improve security, performance, and cost governance. With Ensono, you can achieve a successful delivery of the business case, realize infrastructure consolidation or separation, optimize user experience throughout the transition, and migrate the right workloads to the cloud. 1Gartner

It’s not about the physical data center anymore. Access your data and applications wherever and whenever you need them. 

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Free your data center

Your IT department should not be in the business of managing data centers — it should be in the business of delivering value to your organization. The way enterprises own, manage and utilize data centers will continue to evolve. Is it smarter to keep workloads in your own data center or utilize a managed service provider’s data center? What type of hosting model? What type of consumption model? Organizations managing their own data centers are often challenged with fluctuating capacity, and paying for it, regardless of actual consumption. Without the right hybrid migration strategy, you will miss opportunities to consolidate and optimize applications and services, losing out on savings and increasing risk.

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Put the right workload in right place

As more applications migrate to the cloud, the role of the traditional data center has changed. According to Gartner, 85% of infrastructure strategies will integrate on-premises, colocation, cloud and edge delivery options by 2025, compared with 20% in 2020. Workload placement today should be based on business outcomes, not the physical location of your data center. As hybrid and distributed cloud services providers, edge and IoT services proliferate, the role of the traditional data center will morph. IT leaders will focus more on their application portfolio, rather than on the physical infrastructure — moving away from traditional IT-architecture-driven decisions and toward a cloud-based services-driven strategy.

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Migrate on your own timeline

You may still have certain business applications that require the high transaction processing, high resiliency and high throughput of an on-premises infrastructure. Yet you may feel rushed or under pressure to move these mission-critical applications to the cloud when facing compelling trigger events, like a data center closure, enterprise merger, acquisition or market expansion. Rapid migration can pose unnecessary and avoidable risks that affect end- user experience and hamper your long-term transformation. Ensono offers proven expertise in managing complex physical, virtualized and cloud-based IT infrastructures, delivering enterprise solutions responsive to your organization’s unique needs so you can transform on your own timeline. 

Client success with data center consolidation + migration

Explore client success with Ensono’s data center consolidation and migration services.

Reinvent the data center to serve you everywhere your business takes you