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Cloud DBA Managed Services

Gain the proactive and reactive support you need to migrate to and manage cloud native databases, improve security, increase performance and optimize costs.

Optimize cloud management with Ensono DBA cloud services

More than 50% of organizations will use cloud platforms by 2027, and this mass migration will usher in a new era of database management. The cloud promises increased agility and along with it, a greater need to actively manage and optimize costs, security and usage. However, many businesses lack in-house cloud DBA expertise to oversee optimization and find themselves in a cloud environment that isn’t paying off.

Ensono cloud DBA managed services provide the technical expertise and Platform-as-a-Service experience your team needs to fill cloud skill gaps. We take an advisory role — instead of just reactive support — to ensure your design and architecture support innovation, lower costs and high performance.

  • CheckmarkFuture-proof your hybrid environments with 20+ years of database management expertise
  • CheckmarkAccess a wide range of technology coverage and optimize legacy technology, AWS or Azure environments
  • CheckmarkTap into cloud expertise backed by partnerships with AWS and Azure

Operational efficiency

Reduce existing TCO and control ongoing cloud costs. Our dedicated engineers help you align spend with usage and eliminate technical debt.

Fast track to cloud databases

With our extensive database expertise, we can plan and migrate 15 major legacy databases (like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, IBM IMS, Supra, Adabas, and Datacomm) to cloud native AWS and Azure.

Flexible service model

Access a global DBA team with cloud database expertise that meets your business needs. Our essential and premium tiers provide the right level of management for every workload.

Database security

Mitigate cloud security risks and improve governance. Our DBAs help you manage sensitive data, control access points and stay on top of security updates. 

More than a cloud DBA — your relentless ally

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Reduce CapEx costs and gain cloud economics

Eliminate the legacy technical debt that’s driving up your costs. Our cloud engineers help you phase out expensive or proprietary platforms to gain long-term efficiencies. Once you’ve reached your optimal state, we work with your team to decommission data centers and decrease management overhead and application TCO in the cloud.

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Reach your future state faster

Rise above slow cloud growth with our proven combination of expertise and advanced technology. On your way to the cloud, we reduce refactoring time using AI automation tools and ensure migration success with our application migration methodology. Then, we accelerate innovation in your cloud environment by working with your team to rapidly develop business-critical applications.

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Proactively manage your cloud environment

Your business is constantly evolving, so you can’t just migrate and forget your cloud database. We work with your team to ensure your database architecture is constantly evolving to meet your changing needs. By continually monitoring and reviewing database performance, we suggest and implement changes to improve long-term database performance and reliability.

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Detect failures and reduce downtime

Database downtime is money. An outage can lead to risk, high recovery costs and reduced productivity across your organization. That’s why our DBAs work to prevent outages before they happen by leveraging security best practices and security features available in the cloud. And if a problem does occur, we’re monitoring your business 24/7 to take immediate action and minimize business impact.

Service levels

For optimal flexibility, there are two distinct service tiers and pricing models to meet your data management needs:

  • Essentials: Foundational DBA support for your cloud databases, including database maintenance and support, platform monitoring and incident response, database security, and basic performance tuning. This tier is ideal for non-production databases and databases that don’t have a high rate of change.
  • Premium: If you need additional cloud database expertise, including support for advanced configurations, enhanced SQL monitoring, advanced performance tuning, and advisory support on how to improve database architecture and optimize resources over time. This tier is ideal for all business-critical databases.

Azure SQL Database

Assess, design, deploy your Azure SQL Database and migrate your data with experts to help optimize performance, security, and cost.

Azure SQL Managed Instance

Tap into cost savings, hybrid flexibility and layers of security protection with our support for Azure SQL Managed Instance.

Amazon RDS for SQL Server

Optimize cloud efficiency, pricing and performance with our DBA cloud services for Amazon RDS for SQL Server.

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