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Mainframe to Cloud Migration

Leverage our Modern, Cloud-Connected Mainframe approach to speed up migration, modernize applications and data, and mitigate complexities.

Move from your mainframe to the cloud with confidence

The journey from mainframe to the cloud looks different for every business. While some require a data center exit but don’t know what to do with their mainframe, others need better agility out of their infrastructure. Others want it all. The common thread: Skill gaps, data center complexities or fear of migration can stall migration efforts.

No matter your ideal state, Ensono’s proven Modern, Cloud-Connected Mainframe approach seamlessly moves business-critical data and applications where you need them. Our approach combines the unparalleled resources and flexibility of the cloud with the transactional performance and resilience of the modern mainframe — speeding up the transition, reducing complexities, simplifying with mainframe data virtualization, and mitigating security risks. 

  • CheckmarkSimplify your data transfer processes with the Modern, Cloud-Connected Mainframe
  • CheckmarkAccess on-demand management from Ensono’s experts
  • CheckmarkIntroduce cloud cost savings by optimizing spend and usage

Right workload, right platform

We assess your current state and identify applications best suited to stay on dedicated infrastructure or move to private or public cloud. As a result, you optimize workload performance, reduce costs and avoid business disruption.

Flexible expertise

Our experts meet you at your current state. Ensono offers an as-a-Service model and mainframe operating units to fill talent gaps and add mainframe experts to your team. 

Innovation-driven models

We customize your mainframe to cloud migration strategy for business innovation. By seamlessly connecting your environments, we make paths to modernization open, simplified and more affordable. 

Pave a secure, simplified path to the cloud with Ensono as your relentless ally

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Gain on-demand migration expertise

We assess your current state and work with you to build a needs-based migration plan that supports continued cloud innovation. Our engineers and DevOps experts analyze applications to make sure they’re running efficiently, addressing any migration issues that arise. From there, we take a step-by-step approach to optimize performance and cost for each application while accounting for complexities. 

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Optimize your environment with fast connectivity

Simplify data transfer processes and clear the way to the cloud for all applications. The Modern, Cloud-Connected Mainframe eliminates unnecessary backups to reduce transfer time, costs and complexities. As a result, you’ll optimize TCO, enable secure migrations and allow for better governance.

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Take full advantage of cloud agility

Leverage cloud scalability and rise above rigid on-premise workloads. We provide automated scaling that protects you from surge costs and threats to critical applications. Additionally, with Ensono Flex®, you can shift workloads across any of our service platforms without financial penalties, giving you the flexibility to adapt to changing needs.

Move your mainframe out of your data center and closer to the public cloud

Our integrated mainframe solution provides low-latency connectivity to optimize your modern application architecture and create a seamless path to the cloud. As a result, you’re able to save costs by shutting down your data center while taking advantage of the public cloud platform of your choice. While you migrate systems of engagement, we can modernize and run your mainframe environment to gain performance and agility.

Check out our Cloud-Connected Mainframe for Microsoft Azure: it provides 2-3 ms latency connectivity to optimize your modern application architecture and creates a seamless path to Azure. You can use cloud-native data and AI tools to enable predictive analytics, correlate meaning from large volumes of data, and make data-driven decisions.

Continue optimizing in a simplified, agile environment

With the mainframe seamlessly connected via the Modern, Cloud-Connected Mainframe solution, all paths to migration become simplified and more affordable. Our experts can help you securely modernize on or off the mainframe with reduced risk and complexity.

Retire your mainframe at your own pace

Once you’re ready to retire your mainframe, we provide the expertise and flexibility you need to move at a pace that works for your business. Ensono Flex® is built into every one of our contracts, allowing you to shift workloads across platforms with no penalty (and we’re the only provider out of thousands to offer this contractual flexibility).

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