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Virtual Desktop

Support your remote workforce strategy with expertise that optimizes virtual desktop solutions to create agile, available and secure virtual environments.

Empower your remote workforce with optimized virtual infrastructure

The way we work is changing and business leaders are struggling to determine how to support employees with technology that keeps them engaged and efficient — no matter where they work. Repositioning your remote work strategy from tactical updates to a long-term, viable solution presents scaling and management challenges. And while out-of-the-box environments provide quick, customizable solutions, maintaining and optimizing a cost-effective virtual desktop environment can overwhelm your internal teams.

Ensono helps organizations to optimize Citrix and Azure Virtual Desktop for their business needs and evolving work environment. By mitigating the technical and resource burdens of implementing, integrating and managing environments, Ensono enables more accessible, scalable and secure virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments.

Our automated scaling and management capabilities mean we build and run your environment for your business goals, taking on the digitized workplace together. Citrix and Azure Virtual Desktop are great as is — but Ensono’s 20 years of VDI expertise unlocks their true power and potential.

  • CheckmarkScale elastically to support an ever-changing workforce
  • CheckmarkReduce costs via automation and management expertise
  • CheckmarkEnhance security and improve governance for your remote workforce

Citrix and Azure Virtual Desktop

With in-depth knowledge and expertise across Citrix and Azure Virtual Desktop, Ensono can help you to manage and optimize your VDI environment today and transform it to take advantage of the latest cloud technologies.

Auto-scaling capabilities

Our enterprise-grade auto-scaling provides rapid on-demand provisioning of VDI capacity, reducing total cost of ownership by shutting down unused capacity.

Around-the-clock monitoring

We’re with you 24/7 to monitor your VDI and ensure uninterrupted end-user availability. By raising and managing tickets as soon as problems arise, we quickly address critical issues.

Virtual desktop services for whatever comes next

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Support your evolving workforce

Virtual work is now a digital imperative — according to Forrester, an estimated 47% of organizations will permanently allow employees to work from home. With VDI as part of your long-term strategy, you need the ability to easily shift with your workforce and support new employees with limitless application access. Ensono’s infinitely elastic solution enables you to monitor usage and bring virtual desktop connectivity up to scale, keeping your applications constantly within reach of your users.

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Optimize security and compliance

Citrix and Azure Virtual Desktop offer best-in-class security features out of the box, but many organizations lack the resources they need to optimize environments for their unique security and compliance needs. Certified Ensono experts work with your team to understand your key business requirements and design VDI security, compliance and integrations for your goals. Then we monitor your workload with Ensono Envision® to ensure you keep meeting security and compliance standards.

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Align costs with usage

Virtual desktop infrastructure management is often a balancing act between performance and cost. And with in-house management overseeing constant virtual desktop change, you lose sight of the storage and applications you don’t need. Optimize usage and reduce your TCO with Ensono’s management capabilities. We monitor and auto-scale your workload, enabling you to align OpEx payments to your actual usage — and eliminate spend on unnecessary capacity.


cost savings on licensing and infrastructure compared to on-premise VDI


cost savings on deployment and maintenance

Optimize your Citrix environment

With support for on-premise, hosted, and cloud deployments, Ensono can help to ensure the success of your Citrix environment today and optimize it as things change over time. The managed service includes monitoring and management of all Citrix infrastructure and ongoing updates to master images and applications.

Reduce upfront desktop-as-a-service expenses

Our longstanding relationship with Microsoft gives you a leg up as you implement Azure Virtual Desktop. When you start your VDI journey with Ensono, Microsoft funds your full proof of concept. And with select Microsoft365 plans, user licensing for Azure Virtual Desktop is included at no extra cost.

Lift the burden of complex migration

Data center to VDI migration is no easy feat. Ensono has the expertise you need to ensure heritage technology runs smoothly in your new virtual infrastructure.

Integrate on-premise and cloud applications

Ensono enables your team to deploy powerful applications on top of your VDI platform. By seamlessly integrating Office 365, Windows 10 multi-session and more, you can support employees with productivity-boosting applications.

Client success with virtual desktop services

Virtual desktop infrastructure resources

View our virtual desktop infrastructure resources to find the insights and information you need to transform for the remote work era.

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