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Cloud Migration Services

Confidently move from planning to execution with our cloud migration experts.

Reduce risk and accelerate your cloud migration strategy

Migrating workloads to a public or private cloud can be vary greatly in effort and complexity. Executing a successful cloud migration strategy is all about reducing risk and accelerating change through repeatable processes and automations. 

That’s precisely what Ensono’s Cloud Migrate, part of the Cloud Transform framework does. This is the next step in the cloud enablement and transformation process. It focuses on executing the migration plan using tried and tested tools, processes, and guidelines that ensure success and reduce risk every time. 

 At Ensono, we execute a migration process that is tailored to your requirements. We have deep expertise, backed by cutting edge technology, that ensures that you can execute a fully customized and flexible cloud migration strategy to meet their exact business needs. 

Whether you need self-serve tools to automate cloud migration, or full DevOps teams to rebuild and redeploy complex applications, Ensono has the expertise to get you there.

Expert-led (or technology-led) cloud migration services

Ensono’s Cloud Migrate is based on a tiered cost model that scales depending on the scope and complexity of your migration project. All clients are assigned a team of engineers and project managers to ensure a smooth migration to the cloud. And more complex projects are backed by dedicated DevOps and consultancy support. 

Here’s a typical cloud migration process with Ensono.

Collect data

Discovery tooling is deployed into your IT estate and applications to gather key dependency and usage data. It takes a minimum of one week to collect enough data to perform the dependency review. But data collection continues through the entire process and helps to inform optimizations as the migration unfolds.

Map applications

Servers are then grouped into applications and assigned a category based on findings from the dependency data, and the application criticality. These categories dictate the relative complexity of cloud migration for each application. 

Category 1 is a simple lift, migrate, and optimize. 

Category 2 means that some changes need to be made to the application like tweaks to the DNS, firewalls, or other settings. These applications get project management support. 

Category 3 applications are the most complex and are more difficult to migrate. This is where Ensono brings in specific expertise to help. Our solutions architects join the team to help de- and re-construct the application for the cloud.

Plan sprints

Once categories are assigned, applications are broken into sprint waves that dictate migration timing, speed, and process. Category 1 applications can be done in batches of 30 per sprint. Category 2 are 15 per sprint. And Category 3 applications receive their own sprint cycle in white glove service.

Execute the plan

Lastly, Ensono executes the plan, migrating applications in sequential order. Work is only complete when all agreed prerequisites are checked off, and when each migration is validated, approved, and handed over to the client. 

Client success with Ensono’s cloud application development

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Confidently move from planning to execution