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Application + Data Modernization

Add new application functionality, reduce costs, and prepare your IT platforms for tomorrow with Ensono’s modernization services.

Application modernization for better outcomes

Legacy applications are expensive to support and maintain. But while modernization helps preserve technology investments without the high costs and risks of rewriting a system from scratch, modernization processes often pose technical and business obstacles. To optimize your applications, you need a partner to help you overcome resource gaps, complex dependencies, and outdated interfaces.

Ensono supports native solutions in new environments that are maintainable, affordable, and efficient. We specialize in migrating mainframe applications to web and relational technologies and achieve results that can replicate the functions of your existing system, improve performance, and reduce costs.

  • CheckmarkReliably convert legacy code to quality modern code
  • CheckmarkMeet business outcomes with end-to-end solutions
  • CheckmarkGet the right workloads on the right platform

Modernization expertise

Ensono’s data modernization solutions make it easy to map legacy data to new and complex data structures. Your migration can be completed without the need for custom programming with the help of our modernization tools.

Rule mining

Rule mining detects and reviews hard-coded logic in legacy code to discover data values and custom coding important to data transformation. This gives us the ability to provide a seamless rewriting process.

Proprietary software toolchain

Our proprietary software toolchain converts COBOL and other mainframe programming languages to modern languages such as Java and C#. This gives us the ability to migrate applications off the mainframe and onto private or public clouds.

Take your applications to the next level with the help of our dedicated team

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Optimize and modernize on the mainframe

We update legacy databases to DB2 to optimize utilization and batch processing times. By modernizing on the mainframe, you can extend your investment and make the most of your mainframe applications.

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Enable automated legacy conversions

Modernizing older code is a resource drain — it’s nearly impossible without rewriting. And the rewriting process can take months of work. At Ensono, we save you time and resources by automatically converting legacy mainframe code to modern code.

Data analysis

We evaluate legacy data for quality and consistency — showing all the data ranges and values — to gain a deeper understanding of your applications.

Data validation

We compare your legacy data against powerful data rules, enabling you to investigate invalid data with ease.

Data cleansing

We transform, log, or eliminate dirty data based on multi-level cleansing rules, allowing you to audit and correct your data.

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