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Cloud transformation to AWS elevates a retailer’s online shopping experience for one-third of the cost

What we achieved together


online operations cost savings

The client

This iconic British retail brand has over 200 department stores in 22 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, while customers in more than 90 countries buy from its online store. It is one of the top five fashion retailers in the UK, with a unique mix of own brands, international brands and concessions.

The obstacles faced

Ensono’s client recognized that its legacy IT infrastructure was preventing it from competing with omnichannel retailers. It was unable to respond quickly enough to opportunities and there was a mismatch between its in-store and online shopping experiences.

“The retail industry is constantly changing, driven by new trends, seasons and supply. With our legacy server infrastructure, it took months to make front-end website changes and, consequently, our online customers weren’t receiving the same high-quality experience as our in-store shoppers.”

Head of Customer Systems

The journey

With Ensono’s support, it is replacing all of its legacy IBM WebSphere architecture over the next two years. The initial migration of assets to AWS is complete and the partners are now working to build in-house IT skills, so that its teams can take their own direct action.

The Head of Customer Systems explained, “Ensono’s project delivery has been excellent, giving us trust and confidence that we have the right long-term partner for our journey. Initial estimates said the migration to AWS would take 12 months, but Ensono’s tight and well executed program got the job done in just seven months.

Close-up view of colorful rack of clothes

The outcomes achieved

Following the migration, the retailer is now running its online operations at a third of the cost of its legacy system and is re-investing savings into its retail technology and services.

It can distribute updates, launch new promotions, ranges, products, and services and resolve issues in hours instead of weeks or months, and as its new microservices ecosystem takes shape, customers will be able to enjoy the immersive, service-led online experience of the unique brand.

“Ensono provided excellent thought-leadership – for example the migration of our database, which was a real challenge. Taking the database offline for long was not possible, so it came up with a great solution which de-risked the project. In the end, the database was offline for just seven hours.”

Head of Customer Systems

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