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Ensono Recognized as a Market Leader by ISG in Next-Gen Private/Hybrid Cloud – Data Center Services & Solutions

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The adoption of private and hybrid cloud has been gaining significant traction during the last four quarters. Private and hybrid cloud have been a popular choice over public cloud. However, the infrastructure environments have become more complex and are becoming difficult to manage, with the growing demand for these hybrid solutions. ISG has observed that enterprises are ready to develop new applications on the cloud but are unwilling to move their existing workloads to the public cloud, as the apprehension persists around security and control of data and workloads. Enterprises have realized that outsourcing their IT infrastructure management is a great way to realign their IT with business objectives in the most cost-effective manner and gain other benefits, such as access to specific IT skills not found in standard IT departments; availability of shared resources such as facilities managers, security, engineers and other technical staff; and help predict costs that can facilitate better budget control.

2021 ISG ProviderLens™ Leader

Ensono has much experience in providing mainframes services, along with strong capabilities in managing traditional and legacy IT infrastructure. It also offers a robust hybrid cloud portfolio of services, making it a leading provider.

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