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Hybrid Cloud Assessment Consulting

Prepare for your transformation journey through assessment and rationalization.

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Understand dependencies and communication flows before making changes.

Ensono’s hybrid cloud assessment consulting is a foundational service that helps us eliminate migration surprises by obtaining a better understanding of what you have, what you need and where’re going. We provide an accurate, comprehensive inventory and analysis of your organization’s IT state on a breadth of platforms, you can feel confident knowing our accurate data and expertise reduces risk, costs and time.

Using best-of-breed tools, we establish which applications you’re currently running, how each application communicates with the rest of your IT environment, learn who is responsible for maintaining it and determine actionable recommendations that help you meet your business goals. 

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Risk reduction

By partnering with our world-class consultants who carefully assess and map out your existing IT environment, your organization can reduce the inherent risk in any major transformation project.

Audit validation

Whether you’re undergoing internal or external audits, our analysis can provide validation to help you move through the process with ease.

Consolidation opportunities

Once we understand your existing infrastructure and applications, we help you visualize your current state and look to consolidate or eliminate any unnecessary components.

No matter your goals, a clear and accurate picture of your existing IT is the first step. Armed with data and insights, we’ll walk you through it.

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Over time, updates and staffing changes. It’s easy for an organization to lose track of their IT components, and it’s impossible to move forward with migration and consolidation without knowing what you already have. Our hybrid cloud consulting services help you do just that, and minimize risk along the way.

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Optimization strategy

We not only look at whether you can migrate your applications to the cloud, but also whether you should. As champions of hybrid IT, we analyze which apps are best served on-premise, versus when it makes business sense to run natively on the cloud and how to best optimize.

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By identifying communication flows, we can also identify the source of information entering and leaving the servers to help your organization remain secure and in compliance.

Hybrid IT assessments

Our consultants begin by examining your current state across platforms.

IT asset inventory

We’ll provide an inventory that reveals server and local disk space. This includes IP information and warranty status, SQL server instance, database and usage report, and web service discovery so you can make more informed decisions.

Application dependency mapping

To better understand how your applications and networks are communicating, we create a visualization that reveals your greatest risk points and provide actionable recommendations on next steps.

Target design and migration planning

Once we’ve done our due diligence to uncover any problems or opportunities, we look at your ideal state and begin laying out a plan to migrate your workflows to save time and costs, and improve the stability of your IT environment.

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Hybrid cloud assessment consulting resources

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