Application Dependency Mapping

Baseline inventory of all hardware and software for all servers and network devices with clear and actionable recommendations.

In Depth Analysis and Planning for a Seamless Cloud Migration

Understand the relationships and dependencies of all applications, services and devices, whether they’re run locally on physical machines or externally on virtual machines.


Our intermediate offering builds on the recommendations of our IT Asset
to offer an in-depth analysis and application dependency mapping. This
process helps to uncover redundancies and determine the readiness of IT assets
for upgrade, which provides the groundwork to plan an application migration
from current facilities to Ensono Private Cloud, or a public cloud platform.

An increasingly complex base of legacy systems, processes and people within your organization can pose a challenge for implementing new technologies. Our IT assessment creates a clear path to success by defining a realistic roadmap that enables you to unlock the strategic value of environment-agnostic information technology.

  • Application to infrastructure dependency mapping
  • Baseline inventory
  • Network interconnected data

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