Speed up and secure your deployment with advanced automation.

The most powerful aspect of deploying a complex application on AWS is the ability to automate the entire stack via API calls and scripting.  With advanced automation, operations are run without getting in the way of rapid deployment and fast code release cycles, our clients are able to release products in an agile manner and realize the business value of their innovations faster.

We use standard DevOps toolset and automation​ in everything we build for clients, leveraging:

  • Terraform for environment blueprinting and Infrastructure as Code
  • Ansible for Configuration Management
  • Bitbucket to manage version controlled templates of all environments
  • Packer for machine image creation process
  • Datadog with Ensono M.O. integration for deep insight with automatic discovery of newly deployed services for CMDB ingestion

Our expertise in running AWS environments enables us to assess and leverage the many hundreds of new services and features that AWS releases each year.  This means you will benefit from new technology, and take comfort knowing that because we apply infrastructure as code principles throughout the stack, we can proactively enforce policies and governance.  Your environment is further protected via automated deployment of AWS native security capabilities and configurations, including AWS Identity and Access Management, Security Groups, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Trusted Advisor, and standard CIS server hardening. 

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