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Introducing The Modern, Cloud-Connected Mainframe

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Unlock the untapped potential at the intersection of mainframe and cloud. While enterprise leaders often discuss the evolution of technology strategy, they rarely pair the concepts of mainframe and public cloud. Siloed teams and missed synergies have kept these critical platforms apart for too long. Gartner’s insight, “Mainframes continue to be one of the most critical IT assets but also one of the most misunderstood,” * echoes the need for change.

Today, a more powerful approach emerges – The Modern, Cloud-Connected Mainframe.
Unlike traditional “mainframe modernization,” this fresh paradigm harmonizes mainframe and cloud strengths. Break down silos, elevate the mainframe’s role within hybrid IT architecture, and unleash data for swift, informed decisions. Picture a world where applications flourish in their optimal environments and data flows unhindered. This is the promise of a future where mainframe and cloud amplify each other’s capabilities, setting the stage for transformative business outcomes.

Read this whitepaper to learn how there can be system coexistence and what six steps you can take to unlock the benefits of The Modern, Cloud-Connected Mainframe.

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