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The Ensono Cloud-Connected Mainframe for AWS: A unique, strategic approach to modernizing your application architecture.

  • Eliminate latency: Increased latency is a key concern in mainframe migration. Leveraging AWS Direct Connect, the Cloud-Connected Mainframe for AWS solution supports 2-3 millisecond latency between the AWS connected data center and the AWS US East onramp. Through our high-speed network fabric, your mainframe and AWS workloads will communicate as if they’re sitting in the same room.
  • Accelerate innovation: The Cloud-Connected Mainframe for AWS creates endless possibilities to innovate and optimize. With your mainframe and cloud connected, applications can be transformed to take advantage of cloud services. New applications can be built in the cloud from the start. Cloud-based tools can unleash your mainframe data to drive intelligent action. You’ll foster AI readiness, create new revenue opportunities, and open new avenues to growth.
  • Scale without restriction: Ensono is the only service provider with Ensono Flex® workload portability built into every contract. You can scale capacity up or down and move workloads and data across platforms any time, WITHOUT penalty – easing your investment requirements, and empowering you to migrate at your own pace and respond quickly to strategic or market changes.

Want to learn more about this powerful, pioneering approach to doing Mainframe AND Cloud better? Check out the Ensono Cloud-Connected Mainframe for AWS solution brief or visit the AWS Marketplace.

Cloud-Connected Mainframe for AWS