Middleware and Data Center Managed Services

Ensure performance of your business applications.

Greater Stability and Performance From Your Databases and Middleware

Our team of engineers handles configurations, patches, upgrades/backups and optimize performance and security, all while improving cost efficiencies.



You want greater stability and performance from your databases and middleware so you can free your staff to focus on key business initiatives. Let the experts at Ensono manage and maintain the system side of your databases and ensure your middleware is up, current and available.

Your middleware and databases will receive the support your business applications demand, whether in your environment or hosted in our data center. Your middleware and database benefits include:

  • Fully integrated server and service management
  • Supported middleware: IBM HTTP Server, Microsoft IIS, Apache, Tomcat, JBOSS and more
  • Secure configuration and performance tuning
  • Support for multiple hardware-integrated platforms
  • Supported databases include Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL and more
  • Access to architects and application and system DBAs

Database Management Services

With cost-efficient engineered configurations, patches, upgrades and backups, we’ll work closely with your application developers for optimized performance and stability.

  • Support for multiple hardware-integrated platforms
  • Many supported databases, including Oracle, MSSQL and MySQL
  • Access to architects and application and system DBAs

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