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Major US city migrates UNIX applications to .NET platform, enabling more efficient ongoing development and maintenance

The Client

The client is the Office of the City Registrar for a US city government. 

The Challenge

The city had developed a suite of applications during the 1980s in the once popular language Pascal (Delphi Pascal). These important applications were used to process and register all land deeds and transfers across the city.

Maintaining and upgrading these applications became problematic as the number of skilled Delphi Pascal programmers had greatly reduced. Migrating from Delphi Pascal required extensive analysis of the old applications and equally solid competence in the new .NET destination platform.

The Solution

An assessment was performed and a plan for the aging applications was developed. The applications were migrated to a .NET multithreading solution with C#, WinForms and WCF (Windows Communication Foundation).

In addition to the migration, the Oracle 8i database was upgraded to Oracle 11g. The new applications were designed to be maintained in Visual Studio.


The outcomes

  • Delphi Pascal code converted to .NET to eliminate skills challenge
  • Delivered in 18 months and at a lower cost than client expected
  • Enabled ongoing development and maintenance of applications using modern software development tools

Technical Specifications

  • Delphi Pascal converted to Microsoft .NET (C#, WinForms, WCF)
  • Oracle 8i database upgraded to Oracle 11g
  • Application was re-platformed from UNIX to Windows Server
  • UNIXsysadmin scheduling converted to C#

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