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Application Consolidation + Optimization

IT leaders are under tremendous pressure to consolidate and optimize their application spend, while they speed release of new applications to maintain a competitive edge and improve the customer journey.But they don’t always know how to get started. Let Ensono identify ways to eliminate costs and improve performance while migrating, modernizing and managing your applications — and helping you develop and support cloud native applications.

Connect your application strategies to business outcomes

Your application development team should be 100% focused on delivering innovative, differentiated solutions that deliver results — not the day-to-day management of modernizing your legacy applications, mapping application dependencies and monitoring application performance.

Cloud native applications can dramatically speed your time to market and lower costs. But they also require strong infrastructure, operations and security support to realize its possibilities. To accomplish this, you must embrace new ways of working to link investment to value creation.

To deliver an exceptional customer experience, you must continuously reinvent the digital customer journey.

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Eliminate downtime with efficient application management

A critical application failure can cost a staggering $500,000 to $1 million per hour.1 Even a slow app experience can cause customer abandonment. Managing and monitoring your applications is essential, yet complex, exercise — particularly as applications today span from mainframe to cloud. Efficient application management requires more than monitoring at the application level. Ensono APM-as-a-Service provides end-to-end application monitoring at the business and IT levels of your organization with continuous optimization and incident management.

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Solve skills gaps to drive innovation

App development, particularly Cloud Native, presents new challenges and considerations that development teams aren’t used to owning — particularly infrastructure, security and maintenance issues. Not only are these responsibilities outside of their skill sets, but they don’t have the bandwidth to dedicate to these ongoing tasks. Ensono’s application management services do the heavy lifting and work in sync with your app and Cloud Native teams to ensure their success. That means we take on operational, governance and maintenance roles — so your team is free to reallocate their time to to other organizational initiatives.

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Avoid application sprawl and cost

Organizations must rapidly adapt to change to stay resilient. Application teams that move to an agile operating model can reduce time-to-value, easily shift activities and deliverables to meet changing business conditions, and eliminate redundant layers and costs. Consolidating and migrating applications to cloud platforms can improve efficiency and reduce costs if application dependencies are clearly evaluated. A managed service provider like Ensono helps you adopt SaaS, PaaS and IaaS to create further savings opportunities, while reducing your technical debt. 

Client success for application consolidation + optimization

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