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Application Performance Monitoring

Get actionable information for continuous optimization, and eliminate blind spots when managing your applications.

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Deliver world-class user experience and optimize application performance

Application performance can directly impact your user experience and bottom line. Ensono APM gives you the visibility and insights to optimize your application performance at the client level.

  • CheckmarkGet end-to-end business visibility with actionable insights.
  • CheckmarkOptimize application performance while providing a great user experience.
  • CheckmarkGet continuous optimization to ensure seamless application performance that generates revenue.

One-stop shop for all APM needs

Our APM is a managed service offering that integrates high-end APM software with top skilled professionals’ expertise and support 24/7. Get the whole package with the support and guidance of top APM professionals.

Real-time visibility at the client level

Ensono combines business and IT insights to provide total in-depth visibility of your application performance. Learn how your application is impacting your user experience, revenue and bottom line —and how to optimize it.

Reduce risks and increase speeds

Application issues and errors are among the most common security risks. Ensono APM identifies issues when migrating applications to the cloud, like bottlenecks and errors before they impact the service and user experience.

Optimize your application monitoring with insights at every level of the organization.

Detecting and solving application performance issues

Performance issues like bottlenecks and errors cause loss of revenue, reputation and productivity. To prevent losses, you need to solve them quickly to prevent disrupting user experiences. Still, most organizations lack in-depth insights to detect and solve them. Ensono APM tool delivers in-depth visibility and insight to the application environment, detecting any potential issues on any component of the application stack.

Tying application performance to key business metrics

Most APM tools provide an overview of performance at the application layer. However to be effective, it’s necessary to know how the application is impacting your organization’s bottom line. Tying application performance to key business metrics lets you know how the application contributes to revenue. Track transaction length and other business metrics to help you drive growth from the application.

Lack of support for APM implementation

Adding a new application performance tool usually requires a learning curve of implementation. Organizations often find themselves dealing with a new vendor without real support on how to properly implement and manage the tool, without maximizing its potential for application management. Ensono provides a full end-to-end APM service from activation to optimization, ensuring you get the best possible results in application performance.

At-a-glance insights for every level of your organization

From operational performance to client segments, get custom dashboards and reporting for actionable information. Learn how application performance impacts your business at a glance. Ensono APM custom dashboards offer the versatility of having business-focused dashboards to technical dashboards for application teams.

Stay on top of your application performance

Our service goes beyond tool implementation. We provide ongoing recommendations on how to optimize client environments and applications. This adds an extra layer of expertise to your APM — and allows you to reap the benefits of complete application management as a service to maximize your app performance.

Get end-to-end APM-as-a- Service

When you partner with Ensono, you get complete end-to-end APM-as-a-Service to ensure your application performance produces results month over month. Not to mention, we provide monthly recommendations and actionable insights from deployment to management and optimization.

Detect and respond to application issues

Ensono’s APM tool detects and alerts about performance issues that can lead to real-time security risks and supports incident management to solve the issue before it becomes a threat. Our ongoing support of the incident management process helps you mitigate risks and resolve errors.

Client success with application performance monitoring

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Optimize application performance with Ensono.