Data and Application Modernization

Accelerate innovation and deliver an exceptional customer experience

Accelerate Innovation and Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience

Wherever you are in your transformation journey, a modernization value path adds new capabilities, innovates and drives agility, and improves outcomes.  Pursue a value path in any combination, based on your needs and targeted outcomes. Each step on a path funds and propels the next step and future transformation. 

Now: Code and Data Conversion

  • Convert legacy code to modern language reduces compute and SW immediately
  • Reduce legacy skills constraints (COBOL)
  • Convert legacy data and consolidate to modern relational database

What you get? Agility and innovation.


Next: Modern App Development

  • Move from monolithic to microservices architecture to power applications of any size and scale
  • Makes applications easier to scale and faster to develop independently
  • Containerization allows apps to perform consistently across devices and environments

What you get? Quality and speed.


Then: Modern App Management

  • Speed velocity of application development, release and update
  • Develop once, deploy anywhere, whether for mainframe, cloud or both
  • Update application and infrastructure quickly by automating the release pipeline
  • Eliminate manual processes that drag release velocity

What you get? Reduce risk and errors. Empower developers.

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