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Prepare and Plan your AWS Migration with an AWS Migration Competency Partner

Rita Barry

Rita Barry
Director, Public Cloud Alliances

The complexities that arise with large scale enterprise migrations can be avoided with a proper plan and support from the right resources. With workload migrations being such a key milestone for any client on their journey to the cloud, AWS realized the need to provide clarity for customers looking for a partner to help support their journey and with that, the AWS Migration competency was born.  

The reality is… trying to pick a partner from the partner ecosystem is not an easy task. To help simplify the filtering of migration experts within the partner ecosystem, in 2016, AWS established the AWS Competency program to help customers identify Consulting and Technology AWS Partners with deep industry experience and expertise. 

The High Bar – Becoming an AWS Migration Competency Consulting Partner  

Here’s the numbers, there are 182 migration partners globally of which 159 are consulting partners like Ensono.  (32 in EMEA, 61 in North America )  

AWS states that a high bar is set for partners who wish to attain the competency. This is to ensure that only key partners with an established AWS practice, who can successfully deliver solutions with a repeatable process for challenging migration projects, become successfully audited.  

For Ensono, an Advanced Consulting Partner, attaining the AWS Migration Competency involved a rigorous and thorough third-party audit of our end-to-end expertise of all phases of a cloud migration project including discovery, planning, migration and operations. Ensono underwent an in-depth audit that evaluated its technical expertise, assessment and design, build and migration, cloud operations and service management, security and governance, SLAs, customer satisfaction, cost optimization and reporting for its AWS services. Ensono’s Envision® Platform was also a critical element in receiving the certification. This cloud management platform allows clients to have full visibility of their AWS environment without having to worry about day-to-day management and long-term strategy. 

Now that Ensono has achieved the competency, Ensono’s Rita Barry explains why there’s so few partners that make the cut and what achieving this means for our clients.

 The AWS Migration Competency recognizes the firm’s track record of migrating and refactoring legacy data center systems with AWS solutions. Some of our repeatable migration capabilities and successes are shown through case studies such as the following:  

Ensono enables Guinness World Records public cloud environment to store 50,000 applications and more | Ensono

Cloud transformation to AWS elevates a retailer’s online shopping experience for third of the cost. | Ensono

In addition to attaining both the AWS Migration, Ensono also holds the Microsoft Workloads competency by achieving program levels such as being an EC2 Partner; an AWS Partner Network (APN) Immersion Day Partner; and is a member of the AWS Public Sector Partner (PSP) Program, AWS Solution Provider Program, and AWS Well-Architected Partner Program. 

Treasure Map to Your Migration – Funding Pots Available 

As an AWS Migration Competency Partner, Ensono is part of AWS’s Migration Acceleration Program (MAP), that helps package up a proven migration process flow through funding incentives, best practice migration flows, tools and support from both AWS and Ensono.  

At re:Invent 2020, Andy Jassy’s message was that migrations were/are a top priority, next only to the security and operational performance of the AWS Platform. With that, AWS has set the bar high for partners to achieve the migration competency.

Work with the Ensono AWS Partner Team today to understand more on how we can help support your migration with a business plan, a proven methodology and with financial incentives. Set up a discussion today.  

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