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NWRDC Announces Mainframe as a Service

NWRDC is pleased to announce its upcoming Mainframe as a Service (MFaaS) offering. This competitively sourced community cloud solution will replace the center’s current z/10 platform with a z/15 environment maintained by business partner Ensono. The service will deliver a capacity-on-demand model, providing customers with access to increased capacity when business needs demand it, without locking in higher costs once those needs have been met. 

Ensono will install and maintain the new z/15 environment in both the center’s CJIS certified Steve Menard Computing Suite in Tallahassee and in NWRDC’s disaster recovery site in Atlanta.  Customers will benefit from both improved performance and a reduction in overall software costs.  The transition to MFaaS is now well underway, with expected completion by January 2021.  

For media inquiries, please contact Beth Burghgraef at: [email protected].

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