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Ensono Earns Three IBM Challenge Coin Awards for Innovation

Ensono, a leading end-to-end managed services provider, today announced it has earned three Challenge Coin awards from IBM, recognizing innovation on the modern connected Z platform. The Challenge Coin is issued by IBM’s Rebel Alliance and only one other organization has ever been recognized for this achievement outside of IBM. Ensono is the only Managed Service Provider to ever receive this award, showcasing its commitment to modernization on behalf of its clients and the mainframe community that relies on the platform for their mission-critical business needs. 

As companies continue to rapidly innovate to keep up with market disruptions and customer demand, there is an increasing need for flexibility, agility, and ubiquitous application development capabilities to remain competitive. Automation can do the repetitive but necessary tasks so everyone can focus on the work that drives progress, and these skills and technologies used in automation span all platforms used by organizations everywhere.

In recognition of Ensono’s work using Ansible and Python, Ensono earned the coveted Challenge Coin. While being recognized as the only MSP to receive this award, Ensono is also continuing to advance its work in providing mainframe-as-a-service clients the speed and reliability of system lifecycle management in support of their business goals, advancing them on their digital transformation and hybrid cloud journeys. 

“We are very proud to announce that Ensono has earned the coveted Challenge Coin award from IBM, which recognizes the work we are doing as a relentless ally to our clients across the industry,” said Lisa Dyer, vice president of the Mainframe line of business at Ensono. “Enterprises are in need of automated capabilities using platform-agnostic technologies so that the focus can be on serving their customers, based on modern skills and technologies.  Through our leading innovation in Ansible and Python on Z, we’re able to provide clients with the best experience and tools, helping them meet their business goals with the modern connected Z. And this automation is one example of that.” 

To improve existing processes and execute on strategic initiatives enabled by hybrid cloud platforms, organizations are turning to automation tools and using modern mainframe capabilities. By awarding teams who are showcasing outstanding work in automation on the Z platform, IBM is able to promote modernization and rapid development across the industry. For Ensono, this recognition allows the company to continue to provide new uses of scalable automation and move innovation forward. 

“Our team rejects the conventional wisdom that IBM Z should be left in the corner, managed and used separately from their cloud counterparts. It embraces the forward-looking people who want to use IBM Z as the powerful cloud system it is,” said Frank J. De Gilio, CTO for Mainframe DeClunkification, IBM Systems Group. “We present the Challenge Coin to individuals pioneering the way to a new future that demonstrates the melding of modern tooling with the existing power and capability of the platform. Ensono embraces bringing different technological disciplines together, forging new ways to manage IBM Z.”For more information about Ensono, please visit

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Ensono helps IT leaders be the catalyst for change by harnessing the power of hybrid cloud to transform their businesses. We empower clients in various industries to achieve business outcomes through purpose-built, workload-optimized technology solutions. Our expertise spans across all mission-critical platforms, from mainframe to cloud, so we can meet clients wherever they are in their digital transformation journeys, offering 24/7 support. We are certified experts in AWS and Azure and recognized as Microsoft Datacenter Transformation Partner of the Year. Ensono has over 2,600 associates around the world and is headquartered in greater Chicago. Visit us at

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