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Security for Mainframe as-a-Service + IBM Power Series

Protect, detect and respond.

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Are you prepared for your next cyber attack?

The average data breach costs U.S. organizations $8.64 million. It’s not a matter of “if” you will experience a breach, but “how often” and “how bad.” Many organizations are actively ignoring significant risk due to a lack of holistic security visibility, waning internal expertise, insufficient dedicated staff, and real-time, accessible and actionable tools.

Ensono’s managed security services for mainframe and iSeries will help you minimize risks, avoid costly breaches and stop threats in their tracks. 

  • CheckmarkProtect your organization from threats
  • CheckmarkEliminate vulnerabilities that put your networks, employees and customers at risk
  • CheckmarkGain visibility across your entire IT estate with Ensono Envision®

Safeguard your most important data

Your mainframe and iSeries systems house mission-critical data, requiring the highest levels of protection. Ensono will continuously monitor your mainframe and iSeries environment to keep everything patched. We also offer security tools — such as firewall management, network-based IPS/IDS, DDoS and LPAR encryption — to block threats before they wreak havoc.

Increase visibility and automate common security threats

Ensono’s mainframe threat detection and response services help you see security threats across your entire enterprise, get alerts in real-time and identify potential compliance issues proactively. Ensono’s security process automation detects the most common security threats and eliminates manual processes related to security review.

Stay ahead of the rapidly-changing threat landscape

Ensono offers an integrated suite of security advisory and consulting assessments, and managed security services to help you manage risk and create a sustainable business advantage — while accelerating transformation.

If your mainframe and IBM iSeries are not fully integrated into your organization’s security program, you put your data, applications and network at risk everywhere.

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Visibility gaps

The mainframe and IBM i have increasingly become more isolated and disconnected from enterprise security programs and tooling. This leads to unnecessary risk and delays in detecting incidents in real time and getting to their root cause, and introducing new risks as organizations embrace new technologies.

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Compliance gaps

If you worry that you are not fully compliant with the ever-changing regulatory landscape, you are not alone. Most organizations are not comfortable with their ability to baseline security and track their improvement over time.

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Protection gaps

It’s vital that both your mainframe and IBM i servers are fully protected. Because mainframe platforms often require more resources, it’s easy to overlook IBM i security processes and controls, even as threats to your systems grow.

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Lack of trust

According to a recent Ensono survey, US consumers lack confidence in private and public sector organizations to keep their personal data secure that is shared online. 

Choose the right security solutions, regardless of platform.

Ensono’s transformative approach to managing security can eliminate blind spots and accelerate transformation while confronting the realities of IT funding with flexible pricing and creative staffing solutions.

Ensure compliance in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

Ensono’s managed security services are designed to help organizations maintain compliance with common regulations and frameworks (PCI DSS, IRS 1075, GDPR, etc.), particularly helping highly regulated and audited organizations in finance, insurance, healthcare, and state and local government.

Flexible staffing solutions

You don’t have to build out your IT department or add to your payroll to get the security services you need. Ensono embeds in your organization to deliver the level of expertise you require to keep your IT environment safe, secure and compliant.

Security maturity assessments

Ensono offers a broad assessment of your current security state, including existing controls and processes. Using the Center for Internet Security’s framework (among others), we evaluate 20 individual areas of your security — and make recommendations in order of priority.

Gain a real-time view of your threats.

Our award-winning Ensono Envision insights platform gives you a 360° view of your complete IT estate including all mainframe, IBM i, AS/400 and Power Series hardware. The platform leverages machine learning and automation to identify security risks proactively. The best part? It’s available as part of every client engagement. 

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