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Mainframe + IBM i Migration

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to your migration journey. Partner with Ensono to unleash your organization’s potential.

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Break down barriers to your successful migration.

Your mainframe, IBM i and AS/400 systems still run your organization’s mission-critical workloads and applications. Yet, these systems can be a bottleneck to transformation and growth. There is a growing urgency to move from aging technology to cloud-based solutions to increase agility and reduce costs — but migration initiatives frequently stall or stagnate because of inadequate planning, daunting complexities and a stubborn skills gap.

At Ensono, we know that the strategic migration of your mainframe, and IBM Power workloads and applications to the cloud can drive growth, improve the customer experience and power new products and services.

  • CheckmarkReduce costs and TCO
  • CheckmarkIncrease speed to market
  • CheckmarkEnable new capabilities

Reduce your overall IT spend

You’ll achieve significant savings by migrating the right workload to the right platform, optimizing applications so they cost less to run. In addition, you’ll realize lower maintenance, real estate and staffing expense.

Only pay for what you use

Pay only for the resources you use with cloud-like consumption pricing. Burst capacity instantly and on demand as business needs change.

Enhance security

Cloud’s built-in security features and specialized cloud security tools ensure your organization’s sensitive data is protected.

Supercharge your hybrid cloud investment with an intentional migration plan.

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Inadequate planning

Large scale migration requires a careful analysis of the migration path and workload placement for each application — whether on z/OS, Linux, IBM i, AS/400 or IBM Power Series. Without a deep understanding of an application’s unique requirements and dependencies, it’s difficult to know if moving an application will create more value or even greater headaches.

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Business downtime

Only 26% of CIOs met their migration deadlines in 20201. Poorly executed migrations create downtime, which costs you time, money, customers and reputation. 

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Skills gap

It’s getting harder to find professionals who are skilled in z/OS, Linux, IBM i, AS/400 or IBM Power Series operating systems, or older languages like COBOL and DB2. The shortage of skilled IT workers is no surprise to anyone, but it is particularly acute for organizations migrating and transitioning to a hybrid cloud infrastructure. Without these skills, you jeopardize implementation, performance and security.

Ensono offers migration options aligned to your organization’s goals, budget and resources.

Realize the full promise of the cloud and transform existing on-premises applications whether on z/OS, Linux, IBM i, AS/400 or IBM Power Series. Improve total cost of ownership and ROI, and leverage cloud native services to increase agility and ensure security, compliance and governance. 

Migration planning

Ensono will assess and analyze applications to determine the readiness for migration and the most suitable migration strategy for each workload.

Migration execution

Ensono follows a proven and repeatable approach developed through managing complex cloud migrations for many clients regardless of platform. Applications are migrated based on Ensono’s assessment for each: replatform, refactor, rehost, replace or retire.

Migration management

Ensono delivers application migration in a tiered cost model based on project complexity, offering value and flexibility. We also include self-service portal and automation, support from dedicated engineers, documentation of environment and project management.

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